1 Jan 2012

Top 11 trends for 2011...

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Wide leg, Jumpsuits and Midi Dresses...

I'll begin by saying happy new year! hope you all had a fabulous night last night. Can't believe how fast this year has gone. I thought i would share with you my top  trends that we have seen this year.

Number 1: The return of wide leg trousers! For a big fan of skinny jeans this trend took its time to grow on me. But the moment i bought my first pair of palazzo pants [shown above] i was in love. So comfy and quite frankly i can't help but feel grown up in wide leg trousers! [how childish does that sound?]

Since summer i simply cannot get enough of wide leg trousers and wide leg jumpsuits are even better! which moves me onto my next trend.

Trend Number 2: jumpsuits! i simply fell in love with this trend, as soon as i put on my bargain jumpsuit from primark [only £10 might i add] i knew this was a trend for me. Ever since i always have my eye out for more jumpsuits to add to my collection.

In my opinion they are one of the easiest trends to pull off, with so many different types, long sleeve, strapless, wide leg, skinny there is a jumpsuit out there for everyone! plus its a whole outfit in only one buy. Can it get any easier?

Trend Number 3: midi skirts/dresses, this has to be for me the best trend to come out of 2011. Simply flattering and classic. Midi dresses have such an elegant vintage look and are far more classy then mini dresses in my opinion [and there is less fear of your bum hanging out... always a plus]

 Trend Number 4:  faux fur has kept many of us warm this winter, from coats to fur stoles this is one trend that has taken many forms. I have practically lived in my fur stole this winter it adds a touch of style when thrown over a plain coat or blazer.

Trend Number 5: Leather, sorry for the bad quality photo but its the only one i have of my leather trousers. Leather trousers in 2011 where no longer just for bikers, with celeberities like Olivia Palmero sporting them they soon become one of my must have items of 2011!

Nail Art Trends...

Trend Number 6: glitter, glitter, glitter! I'm pretty positive this trend returns every winter but none the less a fabulous Christmas trend. And this year the glitter nail returned bigger and better with some amazing products coming to our shop shelves. My favourite being Barry M's special effects polish.

Trend 7: the signature nail. This has been circulating the blogging world nearly all year and has left most of us with some fantastic, unusual and bizarre nail art on our ring fingers. But personally i think its a great way to experiment without the hassle of doing nail art on every single nail. So the verdict? easy & fast = the perfect nail trend.

Trend Number 8: while discussing nail trends i couldn't possible skip magnetic nails! Such a unique product to hit our shelves .

Hair Trends...

Trend number 9: Ombre hair. From blonde to pastel colours this trend has taken over hair across the Internet. I'll admit its a trend i haven't tried myself but i have stared in wonder at many who have sported this trend! If my hair wasn't so badely damaged Im certain i would have attempted this trend by now!

Trend Number 10: I'm not even sure if this was a trend but it certainly was for me! I love vintage, vintage make-up, dresses and even hair. This year i have been doing lots of experimenting with vintage styles and curles, expect to see more this year!

Trend Number 11: 2011 has seen the return on the braid and a revamp from childish to chic. Long gone are the days when the plait was childish. The fishtail braid worked perfect this summer for lazy beach days.

What where your favourite trends in 2011? Any idea what you will be sporting for 2012?

Just a small note to say thank you to those that are following my blog and have given up there time to comment, it means a lot. I always take a look at others blogs who follow or leave comments.


  1. You're definitely spot on on these trends - & I love each & every one of them! Great post :)

    <3 Shawna

  2. I agree with the above comment! Love the post, I wish I could pull off the wide leg trousers and the mid length skirts xxx