14 Jan 2012

Nails inc...

Just a short post today as I’m busy creating a presentation for my final project at university, I’m having a huge panic at the thought of actually presenting my idea. What if people don’t like it? What if I look dumb? O dear... to think I use to do drama and love performing in front of people.

I thought I would show you my nails of the day and give you a super short and sweet review of nails inc nail polish. For Christmas my lovely boyfriends parents got me the set pictured above and I have been experimenting will all of the colours ever since! I love painting my nails, there’s something relaxing about it... maybe it’s the fumes going to my head.

My two favourite colours within the set are the purple and the gold so I thought I would do an attempt at some nails art and combine the two. I won’t lie to my lovely readers and pretend I knew what I was doing; to be honest I didn’t know what to do which is why each nail is different... I was feeling indecisive.

The quality of these nails polishes is brilliant, for those long term readers of my blog you may remember me talking about how I was on the hunt for a nail varnish that lasted more than 2days... well ladies I have found it!

This nail varnish lasted 4 days until the fist chip, now that might not sound like long for lots of you but my nails never usually last longer than an hour at work. Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother painting my nails for the weekend.

The colours of this set are also so so lovely! They come out so bold on your nails just after one coat. I really can’t recommend this brand enough. High durability and great colours, what more does a girl need from her nail varnish?

Hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Tanesha x


  1. Thankyou for your comment on my blog! :)

    These nails look amazing! Nails inc. polishes are gorgeous! I was fortunate enough to receive some at christmas! :D


  2. Nails inc is my favourite nail brand. Good luck with your presentation, I bet it'll go amazingly! xx

  3. your nails look so funky!
    mantenso xx
    followed btw (:

  4. I love nails inc...yours look great!

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