18 Jan 2012

I flip my hair back and forth

As I said a few posts ago I thought I would share with you my hair extensions, I’m not a regular extension wearer anymore but I love being able to put them on for the odd night out. I made these extensions about 6 months ago (so I should probably buy some new ones) that’s why they don’t appear drastically longer then my natural hair... it must actually be growing! 

Before these extensions I use to live in clip-ins, they seemed like the perfect safe method of making hair drastically longer. However; unfortunately a few years ago I got alopecia areata, my hair started to fall out in patches so I automatically went for my extensions to add more volume to my thinning hair. 

The one problem I had though was the lack of hair underneath to clip them into (it was a constant bad hair day if I’m going to be honest). I had also heard some horror stories about people losing hair due to the weight of clip-ins pulling on the natural hair. The last thing I wanted to do was loose more hair. 

So that’s when I came up with the idea of these babies! I attached the extensions onto a black piece of elastic that sits in my hair just like a headband. I am so glad I came up with these, there is no weight what so ever pulling on my hair, they are so comfy and so fast to remove and put in. 

I know these won’t work for everyone, especially people with lighter hair; although I presume you could find lighter elastic?

So theres the story of my DIY hair.
Tanesha x

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