29 Feb 2012

Are you dressing up or down?

As a student funds can sometimes be lower then i would like, however I'm rarely willing to sacrifice shopping all together. I there for have two rules; will it go with many items i already own? and can dress it casual and for a night out? if the answer is yes to both of these then its usually a good purchase.

A few weeks ago i bought a pencil midi skirt, it was an impulse buy as i needed something smart to wear so I'll admit i didn't ask myself the all important questions. A few weeks later and the tag is still sitting on the skirt and i have never worn it. I thought i would come up with a casual outfit and going out outfit to inspire me to actually wear the skirt.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

I love the idea of having key staple items in my wardrobe that i can either dress up or down depending upon the occasion, and lets face it it's a lot cheaper then buying a whole new outfit!

27 Feb 2012

steal her style: Olivia Palermo

 1, 2 ,3 ,4, 5 & 6

I've been a big fan off Olivia's style ever since she stepped onto our screens in 'The City', she has such a chic elegant style and always manages to look fantastic at every event.One of my favourite Olivia looks is how she wears maxi skirts, she always looks so effortless yet amazing at the same time.

The outfit I created is something i can imagine Olivia in but comes at a much more affordable price then most of what shes spotted in. My favourite piece of this outfit is the maxi skirt, maxis are so easy to wear and dress up or down. They are perfect for that effortless gorgeous look that Olivia pulls off so well.

Whats your favourite Olivia look? are there any particular celebrities that you look to for inspiration?

Tanesha x

26 Feb 2012

Lovely lilac

Helloooo my lovelies, hope your all enjoying the lovely sunshine! Spring has finally arrived, so lovely not to be dressing up like an Eskimo to face the snow. It's still chilly but the trees are starting to blossom and that is good enough for me.

I thought i would share with you a little lilac look i did for my eyes today, I'm not usually one to experiment with eyeshadow but since buying my first MUA eye palette i can't stop playing around with different colour combinations.

Pastel colours are very in for this spring but I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of dressing head to toe in pretty pastel colours. Slightly too girly for me, so instead i thought i would attempt to create a pastel look for my eyes. I used MUA liner in lovely lilac underneath my eyes and MUA palette in starry night. The pictures don't do the eyeliner very much justice, its such a lovely pop of shimmery lilac and it only cost £1. I really can't fault how good the MUA products are for the prices.

25 Feb 2012

Don't ever f****** bully

Hello my lovely bloggers, as promised I have a different kind of blog post today. For those that read my blog regularly you will know I usually focus on fashion and beauty related posts. When I started this blog I wanted it  to be somewhere for me to express my thoughts of anything and maybe even everything, yes I’m a beauty and fashion blogger but there’s more to me and even my blog than that.   

Before I started my blog I was really apprehensive due to the mean comments I’ve seen on other people blogs, the idea of writing a blog meant really putting myself out there for the world to read.  However I’m glad I took the plunge, I’ve been greeted by nothing but lovely people with nothing but positive things to say. 

Today I share a sort of secret with you something I’m usually to ashamed to admit... as school i was bullied.

People can be mean, and not in the funny mean girls movie kind of way. I never really fitted in at school, I think I enjoyed learning far too much, I was never what people would consider pretty, the boys never asked me out and I was shy for a very long time. People took advantage of the fact I wouldn’t speak up, I was an easy target for girls and boys that needed to show off in front of their friends.  Every time I moved up a year and into a new school I used to tell myself that things would change, I would get a new hair cut, new school shoes and I would fit in I would be cool. If I’m going to be honest (and this blog post is nothing but honest) things only got worse... people didn’t mature as we got older they simply got meaner and insults become more ‘witty’. 

My friends never seemed to notice, or maybe some chose to ignore it? (Some on the other hand where close to fantastic). At school I really felt alone. Bullies pick at everything, nothing you do is ever good enough, and one of the main things I have learnt is don’t even bother trying.... bullies will always find something to pick on, cruelty is embedded in them. Harsh, but in my experience true. 

At school I was bullied for my hair, the way I spoke and the fact I was apparently a ‘boff’.  Originally I wasn’t planning on saying why I feel I got bullied or the ‘trigger’ as I suppose you could say but the more I think about it the more I can’t help but think why not? What’s the worst that can happen... I’m not longer at school after all. And should I really worry about protecting those that never did the same for me?
When I moved to secondary school I had a best friend, she had always dreamt of popularity... something I had never even thought of at that point. I think she soon learnt that I simply wasn’t cool enough to hang around with the crowd she longed to be friends with, I was shocked at the talk of drugs and sex... after all I was 13! Soon she started to say mean comments, spread rumours and genuinely not be very nice. It felt like some sort of initiation test for her. 

At one of the worst times I have had groups of girls screaming abuse outside of my house, had my hair pulled, been spat on and made to feel worthless. I now know that this is however not true... I am worth something.
School was a miserably time for me, I couldn’t tell you how many times I went home crying.

When I look back at photos of my 16th birthday my face is red from tears. I would go home from school with people shouting at me, throwing things at me; the moment I made it through the front door I couldn’t hold the tears back.  When people call you mean names enough times you start to believe it, and that’s exactly what I did. I started to think that maybe they were right?  Why would so many people call me ugly if I wasn’t? 

It took me a long time to begin to realise that most of what they said had no truth to it what’s so ever, I’m not stupid I have 12 GCSE’S, 5 A levels and hopefully soon to have a honours degree. And so what if I was stupid, did this give people a right to be mean? No! Because if you want my opinion (I’m going to give it anyway) those that feel the need to say mean things are the ones that are stupid. 

I don’t want this post to be overly miserable, and it’s not something I’m writing for attention or even for sympathy. The main moral of my story is that it genuinely does get better. If anyone is reading this that is being bullied my message to you is “I can almost be certain that what they are saying are lies, that most people don’t agree with what they are saying but are too scared to speak up. YOU are better than them, those that bully are not worth your time. And if it makes you feel better most of the people that bullied me have so far succeeded nothing with their lives.”

In 2012 I am happy, I still wake up and think thank god there’s no school anymore and thank god I survived... because school can be hell sometimes. 

Back onto the conversation of bloggingblogging community. 

You might wonder why I posted this post and to be honest I suppose it’s therapeutic.

24 Feb 2012

English Rose

Denim jacket and maxi dress: Newlook, Blouse: Select

Hello my little blogging beauties, another outfit of the day for you today. I wore this outfit yesterday to take poppy out for a walk around abington park. It was so lovely being able to wear a denim jacket instead of a huge coat, i still had to wear a chunky cardigan and tights to stay warm but it is England! 

I feel like i should add that i was wearing a bodycon skirt underneath my dress to prevent any see through miss happs (anyone else find their maxi dress to be see through?) in these pictures its become so runched up and really doesn't create a flattering shape. 

Tomorrow I'm planning on posting a bit of a personal blog post on bullying, i want my blog to be a platform where i can express everything and anything. I've been thinking about posting on bullying for a while as its something i feel strongly about... slightly nervous posting something so personal though so please be nice! 

oooo and on a plus note i got called an english rose today ;] o how i do love a compliment, i mean who doesn't?

Tanesha x

21 Feb 2012

DIY Tuesday...

Hello my lovelies, as you may have noticed I am a big fan of lipstick and love to experiment with different colours. So when i found a tutorial on how to make your own lipstick palette i couldn't resist... I've been wanting to make my own lipstick for a while but always presumed it would be difficult, messy and a lot of work. I couldn't have been more wrong!

To make the palette pictured above i simply cut off the top of the lipstick (cut at a angle so you can continue using the lipstick) i used between two and four lipsticks to create my own colours. One you have cut the lipsticks you are going to use place them onto a large metal spoon and melt over a candle. Finally poor into the palette and stir so the colours are mixed together. The lipstick should dry within a minute or two.Voila your very own lipstick.

For the palette i used a paint palette that i purchased from whsmith for £2.99, the set came with 32 paints in a plastic tray (simply throw this away... unless you paint of course?) and then you are left with 18 wells (i presume for mixing paints) these are perfect for storing your lipsticks.

The process of making a lipstick palette may seem pointless for some but for me i loved being able to create my own shades of lipstick. I used old lipsticks that my mum was going to throw away and then a few shades of my own that i no longer wear, don't go wasting your perfectly good lipsticks, try using some that you don't use to create new colours. To create all 18 shades i only used six lipsticks.

I'm considering starting to do some videos/ vlogging (trying to be cool and use the right lingo here) so if you have any suggestions let me know, maybe i could even do a video tutorial on making your own lipstick palette? Although i suppose there will be lots of those around.
Tanesha Marie x

19 Feb 2012

A Most Marvellous place to shop

As promised some snaps of the vintage goodies I managed to pick up, a vintage skirt, typewriter and comic books. I've been after a pleated skirt for ages but haven't managed to find the right one, this purple one is exactly what i wanted and its such a lovely length not too short at all.

The typewriter is more of a novelty then anything else, I'm not exactly sure what i plan to do with it. I just know I like the idea of owning one... and that its pretty and will look adorable sitting on my desk. Maybe I will get some use out of it however? As a writer I really couldn't resist an authentic typewriter for only £12.

Lastly I picked up a vintage x-men, iron man and superman comic for my boyfriend. His a big fan of comics (especially marvel) so I thought he would really appreciate this. Plus he needed cheering up after someone broke his car window to steal the bottle of wine he got me for valentines day *insert annoyed looking face*

The one thing i have to say about vintage shopping is be patient, it takes a bit of time to sort through everything but its worth it. Also don't judge sizes by the label, if it looks right try it on first!

18 Feb 2012

New season, New clothes

One: Topshop flower topknot, £7.50
Two: Jessica playsuit by motel at Topshop, £52
Three: Rare for Topshop, £42
Four: Topshop clutch, £16
Five: Cloche hat, £25 
Six: River Island pearl collar, £28
Seven: spike bracelet, £6.50
Eight: Space print leggings, £20
Nine: River Island jeans, £40
Ten: Michael Kors watch £200 at asos
Eleven: Topshop skirt, £56
Twelve: double belt at Topshop £18
Thirteen:  topshop Abacus boots, £65

Spring is one of my favourite seasons mainly because of the clothes. This year there are so many lovely clothes coming out for spring 2012 so I thought i would share with you some of my personal favourite picks. Plus with my 21st coming up it may give a few people some ideas!

The Abacus boots are my favourite from the list, i think they would look so pretty with some floaty midi skirts when the weather starts to warm up. Or maybe even with the rare midi dress? the space print leggings are so different to anything i own, but i simply fell in love with galaxy print last season and these leggings are such a statement piece.

The Micheal Kors watch isn't something i plan to buy as i think its far to expensive, however it is a lovley watch and whats the point of a wish list if i cant go crazy?

what items will you be purchasing for spring this year?

17 Feb 2012

Forget Wally, where's Poppy? (always sneaking in)

Hello my lovely readers, just a little update and outfit of the day (ok i cheated and this is what i wore last night, but today consists of nothing more then comfy clothes) for you. Everything I'm wearing minus the topshop necklace comes from Newlook,its very rare that i wear an outfit all from the same shop and to be honest i didn't even realise i was until now!

This week has been very busy like usual,each week i feel like i get more and more work handed to me to do... I'm literally drowning in my work load! And what makes it worse it that i have so much to do i have no idea where to start.

On a much more positive note however i went vintage shopping yesterday, in Northamtpon theres a lovely little shop called A most marvellous place to shop. I always drive past it and look at all of the pretty window displays but have never had the time to stop and go in so yesterday i decided it was about time i did! I got myself and my boyfriend a few little pieces that i will photograph and show you tomorrow. It was such a lovely little shop that sold clothes, comic, ornaments, vintage cameras and everything a vintage lover could simply want!

Hope you've all had a lovely week so far and a lovely valentines day

Tanesha x

p.s i really need want a new camera, I've had my eye on the Lumix DMC-FZ48 or Nikon Coolpix p500 are these any good? or should i look at SLR cameras?

12 Feb 2012

Strength and Repair

On Thursday i decided to treat myself and give my hair a much needed pick me up. After years of dying my hair it really has taken its toll, so as part of my hair rehab (its been months since dying my hair now!) i thought i would try the Charles Worthington Strength and Repair kit. Retailing at £19.99 in boots its slightly steep for a conditioning product. However that being said the reviews I've read online really sold it to me.

I was super excited to try this product  in a hope that it would fix all of my hair problems so i rushed to boots on Thursday after University and used the product on Friday.

The kit comes with 4 weekly treatments that claim to repair damaged hair. So what does the kit entail?

  • The first step is to put the oil on your hair and then place the hair cap provided and leave for 10 minutes. 
  • Secondly to shampoo out using the shampoo provided
  • Thirdly use the hair mask and leave for a further 5 minutes
The verdict? So far I've only used this product the once so i will update you as i go along. But first impressions, I'm really impressed! i wouldn't say it fixed all of my overly dry and damaged hair but it certainly improved it. My hair is in much better condition and seems much more manageable. The frizz seems to be controlled and the ends of my hair a lot less brittle.

The product was easy to use and apply, and truthfully i cant wait to use it again! I'm eagerly awaiting Friday again to give it a second go.  The above picture doesn't do it enough justice and i wish i had taken a before picture... although I'm slightly ashamed to admit the awful condition of my hair.

Tanesha Marie

11 Feb 2012

Just call me yellow...

Hello again, thought i would enjoy my afternoon off work with a little bit of blogging! I think this has been the first time i have been home at this time on a Saturday for months. My hours at work have shrunk right down to my contracted hours, only 5! So today i was at work for only 4 hours...crazy! I'm going to be a very poor student.

Thought i would share some pictures from a walk in the snow i took yesterday, very cold! Am i the only one that wishes summer would hurry up? To me snow just isn't as fun now I'm older and there's no such thing as a snow day. I do however love to look at it, if  i don't have to leave the house and i can sit inside with a nice hot chocolate then I'm very happy for it to snow.

It's been a while since i have don't a review so i shall be posting one later today or tomorrow, i used the Charles Worthington strength and repair kit last night so expect to read more on that soon!

Tanesha Marie x

10 Feb 2012

Hello, nice to see you again

 Stole and Blouse: NewLook, Cardigan, Jeans and Brogues: Primark

Hello, I thought it was about time I posted another ootd post, just so you know I still exist! Yesterday was the first day in a while that i didn't look completely ill and disgusting so i took the opportunity to go out for dinner with my boyfriend and take a few snaps before hand. 

Yesterday was such a busy day at uni it was the deadline for an online video magazine that we have been creating in groups, so we had a screening as a class to watch everyones videos with a glass of 'champaigne' after. (O the hard life of a student!) I'm very proud of my group as we managed to get the highest score in the class! good old #332mc. For the video screening everyone had planned to get all dolled up and look pretty... however as you can see i put little effort in. The boys in our class did however look very smart in their shirts!

Anyway enough of me rambling on, hope your all enjoying the snow (yet again!). 

Tanesha Marie x