17 Feb 2012

Forget Wally, where's Poppy? (always sneaking in)

Hello my lovely readers, just a little update and outfit of the day (ok i cheated and this is what i wore last night, but today consists of nothing more then comfy clothes) for you. Everything I'm wearing minus the topshop necklace comes from Newlook,its very rare that i wear an outfit all from the same shop and to be honest i didn't even realise i was until now!

This week has been very busy like usual,each week i feel like i get more and more work handed to me to do... I'm literally drowning in my work load! And what makes it worse it that i have so much to do i have no idea where to start.

On a much more positive note however i went vintage shopping yesterday, in Northamtpon theres a lovely little shop called A most marvellous place to shop. I always drive past it and look at all of the pretty window displays but have never had the time to stop and go in so yesterday i decided it was about time i did! I got myself and my boyfriend a few little pieces that i will photograph and show you tomorrow. It was such a lovely little shop that sold clothes, comic, ornaments, vintage cameras and everything a vintage lover could simply want!

Hope you've all had a lovely week so far and a lovely valentines day

Tanesha x

p.s i really need want a new camera, I've had my eye on the Lumix DMC-FZ48 or Nikon Coolpix p500 are these any good? or should i look at SLR cameras?


  1. I love your trousers they're such a great fit! And that shop sounds great. xx

  2. Thank you! and the shop was really lovely. Managed to get my boyfriend some lovely birthday presents (even though his birthday is in October!)

    Tanesha x