27 Jan 2013

How to not look like a zombie when you have a cold

cold survival kit

I filmed another video and thought I would share it with you on here in case you haven't seen it yet. Excuse my funny sounding voice I have a cold at the moment so I sound a little strange. Let me know what you think and if you enjoy it then feel free to give it a thumbs up and subscribe :)

18 Jan 2013

Baby it's cold outside

Wig: Ebay, Cape: Primark, Dress: Peacocks, Boots: Asos

It’s snowing and everything looks even prettier covered in a blanket of snow so I couldn't resist taking some photos with my wig! I got it for Christmas from my mum alongside a red one, I just really want an excuse to wear it out properly I'm not confident enough to wear it out casually so I need a fancy dress party or something to go to. 

I know some of my international readers might think there's hardly any snow in my photos but for us this is a lot. It's been snowing all day and it’s still going now although it has slowed down a lot. I walked to work this morning and I had to use all of my leg muscles to stay up, it doesn't help that most of the walk is up hill in the ice I looked a little like Bambi walking to work. 

What have you all been up to today, has anyone done anything fun with their snow day?

14 Jan 2013

Yellow snow

Jacket and jumper: Fashion Union, hat and jeans: New Look, scarf: hand knitted by my auntie, boots: Primark

Yes it’s finally snowed here in Northampton after being told for weeks it was going to, I've spent the day hiding inside from the cold as it was my day off. Sadly though I have a dog that needs walking, Poppy gets super excited every time it snows. She just runs around in circles sniffing absolutely everything, I presume it all smells different covered in snow?

Does anyone have lots of snow? There isn't much here at the moment but it keeps snowing on and off so I might wake up to lots tomorrow. 

I'm aware this isn't one of my most fashionable outfits, but its freezing and I definitely wanted to dress for comfort rather than fashion. In weather like this I don't go much beyond jumpers, jeans and boots. 

Tip of the week: don't eat yellow snow. 

6 Jan 2013

I'm now on Youtube!

This is actually my third video that I have filmed for Youtube, I'm still extremely nervous and awkward in front of the camera but I think I'm slowly getting there! I finally managed to sort the lighting out so you can actually see me as in my first two videos the lighting is pretty poor!

That being said I'm so happy I finally put myself out there, so many of you have been telling me to film videos for so long. So expect to see more of me in video form, I would really appreciate it if you subscribed and commented on my videos!

Do any of you have Youtube channels? I would love to follow you on there as well :)

2 Jan 2013

New year new shoes

Fur gilet: Gift, jumper: New Look, jeans: Primark, Boots: Doc Martens Rings: left is from Topshop and right is a DIY

My first official post of 2013! So far it has been a great year; I have the week off work so I most certainly can't complain. 

I got the Docs from the official Doc Martens store in Northampton; they sell the boots for £30 and the shoes for £25, such a bargain. I can’t wait to go back and get myself another pair. I have been lusting over these boots for months now; I love the tapestry fabric of these ones. 

I now have an instagram account (taneshamariee) if you want to follow me and send me yours; I'm looking for new people to follow. I have also created a Youtube account and made my first video that you can find here on what I got for Christmas. I was super nervous so excuse the awkwardness and poor lighting, I will do better next time I'm sure! 

What do you think of my DIY ring? My mum made it for me. I love the comic book print.