31 May 2012

Minty Fresh

Top and Cardigan: Newlook, Jeans: Tesco, Bag and Sunglasses: Primark

Sorry for the awkward photographs it's the first time I've used my tripod to take outfit photos and I'll admit its harder then it looks to take a decent snap but hopefully i will get the hang of it!

I've  been looking for a pair of coloured jeans for a while, originally i wanted pink ones but these minty green ones where love at first sight. They only cost £12 in Tesco and actually fit me relatively OK!

Also hello to my new followers! I currently have a long list of blogs to read so i will probably make my round to reading your blog soon if I haven't already! Also don't forget to cast your votes for the Cosmopolitan blog awards, there are so many great blogs out there, just click the link in my sidebar.

Tanesha x

27 May 2012

Summers Reception

Top: Newlook, Skirt and Bag: Primark, Hair Clip: Asos

Yesterday i attended a friends wedding reception and this is the outfit i finally settled on wearing. The weather has been so lovely i wanted to wear something summery but not too casual. This maxi skirt is one of my favourite new purchases and was a bargain at only £10 from Primark. Although I'm a big fan of heels it's been far to hot to wear heels so i teamed the maxi skirt with a pair of pale pink ballet flats.

I had a lovely time at the reception and both the bride and groom looked amazing, i hope they both have an amazing future together!

P.S Looking at these photos I'm realising how little hair i have, although my hair is finally a length i am happy with i really want some more volume! Maybe i will go back to hair extensions?

(As featured on Look Magazines website, http://www.look.co.uk/fashion/street-style-fashion-trend-spot-pleats)

Tanesha x

25 May 2012

Bring me sunshine

The Sunshine award

Firstly thank you Tess for nominating me for this award.

1) Each tagged person must post seven to ten things about themselves.
2) You have to choose and tag 7 people.
3) Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.

About Myself:
1. I've just finished my degree in journalism and English and i find this both equally exciting and scary.
2. I should probable wear glasses most of the time but i find them beyond irritating.
3. I'm currently writing a novel, so hopefully you will be reading it in a few years time.
4. I use to be a performing arts addict, every Saturday i would go to stage school.
5. I love the TV show Glee and i have no shame in admitting it.
6. I can't sing... I am beyond awful but that doesn't stop me trying.
8. I am dyslexic, and that's why this blog is covered in spelling mistakes. But yes i want to be a writer...
9.  Every time i get a new follower or comment a get a little bit excited.
The Blogs I Award:
I'm going to break the rules here and nominate all of my followers for this award, because you all deserve a little bit of sunshine (cheesy!).
Tanesha x


24 May 2012

Why having a penis pays 10% more

On average women get paid 10% less than their male counterparts that work equally as hard. On average a female executive will earn a £93,434 a year while a man sitting in the next office working the exact same job with the same job title will get paid £103,230 on average. The wage gap of nearly £10,000 a year seems hardly fair and could amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds over your career.

Although discrimination towards women is prohibited within the work place statistics show the alarming rate in which women are increasingly get paid less to do the same job.

So why is it women get paid less than men? Manager of a retail store Wilkinson’s claims that this is because women are more afraid to demand a higher pay even if they feel they are entitled to it whereas men will demand higher pay for the same job. So is it in fact women’s fault for getting paid less? Should we be less afraid to ask for it?

Statistics provided by the Chartered Management Institute suggest however that female executives start off earning just as much as men, but as soon as they start having children the wage gap starts to show. After maternity leave is over many women arrive to find that their job has been filled by a man who the company manages to pay more to do the same job. The Charted Management Institute claims that this is because companies fear that women with children won’t be able to commit the same amount of time to a job as a man.

Discrimination towards women goes beyond wages, on average women are forced to pay more for the same services as men. Women often have to pay more for a haircut then men. Although it seems fair to charge a woman with long hair more than a man with short hair, what about a woman who has equally as short hair to an average man? Surely it should cost the same price for the same service. Hairdressers Tony and Guy claim that the reason they charge up to £40 more to trim a woman’s hair is because they often use more products and styling time takes longer. But do they really use £40 worth of product on our hair?

Women are also often forced to pay higher fees for dry cleaning then men, while most Johnsons dry cleaners offer to dry clean a man’s shirt for just £2.50 it costs £3.50 for the same service to a woman’s blouse. They claim that this is because it takes more time to press a woman’s blouse because of the curves and stitching. So what if a woman wants a plain shirt similar to that of a man’s dry cleaned? Johnsons claim that this will still cost more than a mans because the service of £2.50 is only open to male customers.

Although the price difference for haircuts and dry cleaning may not seem like a lot, when teamed with earning on average 10% less it seems that women stand the chance of missing out on a lot of money. Women are also charged on average a higher fee for life insurance because they are deemed more likely to be ill than men… maybe it’s the financial stress that makes us inclined to be ill.

Do you think it’s fair to charge women more? Do you get paid less than your male colleagues?

Tanesha x

Every little helps

Jacket: River Island, Dress: Tesco, Bag: Newlook, Shoes: Primark

Sorry for the poor quality photograph, it's been a while since I have posted an outfit of the day so I’ve almost forgotten how to capture a decent photograph!

Today I’ve spent about an hour voting for some of you lovely bloggers in the Cosmopolitan blog awards, exciting stuff! I've really enjoyed voting this year, now that i speak to so many amazing bloggers its lovely to feel like I know who I’m voting for!

I think the Cosmopolitan blog awards are a great way to show people how much you appreciate their blog, so if I'm not following your blog then send the link my way because chances are I may not of found it yet and I’m always looking for new blogs to follow (and maybe I will even give you a sneaky vote!)

And of course I would appreciate the odd vote myself! Although there are so many amazing blogs out there so I’m aware that the competition is tough.

For those that haven't heard of the Cosmopolitan blog awards or haven't voted yet there is a link on my sidebar you can click. Feel free to vote for any blog you think deserves to win, there are lots of categories to vote for and I believe you can vote as many times as you like.

Tanesha x

22 May 2012


Nail tattoos are everywhere at the moment, they are a easy and fast way to create nail art with little fuss or mess. The above moustache  nails are my first ever attempt at using nail tattoos and they couldn't be any easier.
These ones came from my prezzie box so unfortunatly i dont know where they came from but they have ones that look exactly the same on ebay. Ebay is a great place to buy cheap nail tattoos, I've bought some snow white ones that i can't wait to try out!


Cut around the nail art tattoo
Place in water for 30 to 60 seconds
Peel white backing away from the transfer
Place transfer on nail and pat dry
Apply one or two layers of top coat

21 May 2012

Wake me up

I'm fully aware that this foundation has been around for a while and most of you are probably bored of reading reviews about it but after trying it for the first time over a month ago i couldn't not share my opinions with you.

This foundation as the name states promises to brighten your skin giving it an 'awake' look. The first point i feel like i should mention with this foundation is unfortunately a negative, there is a limited range of colour's and the lightest is still rather dark. Lots of blending is needed to make this foundation work for pale skin! so if your skin is paler then mine you should probably rule this foundation out.

Now onto the positives, this foundation is light weight and offers a medium coverage that can be built up to a fuller coverage if needed. I think i can fairly say i have put this foundation to the test over the last few weeks, this foundation has saved my skin on many late nights writing my dissertation.

The wake me up concealer is slightly to dark for my skin but nothing some extra blending can't fix. It offers a medium to full coverage and stays put all day once set with powder. For a drugstore brand Rimmel have really exceeded all of my expectations with this range, i have used this product everyday since i first received it and I've already brought my second bottle of it (currently £4 in wilkinsons!).

For those with oily skin you may need to apply some extra powder to balance out the dewy affect of the foundation.

Hint: I find this foundation goes on great with a stippling brush

Also thank you to everyone who has sent me content for The Fashionation (www.thefashionation.co.uk) i will be uploading a lot more of your work onto the website in the next couple of days. However feel free to check out the website now and comment!

I'm finally back

Hello! I am finally back now that all of my university work is done. I haven't had a huge amount of time to try new products in the last few weeks but i have managed to try a few new things that i have received in the prezzie boxes i told you about.

One of the first/ my favourite products so far has to be Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Mask. I'm usually a fan a drugstore products so this is a luxury item for me, but its worth every penny. It's super moisturising, light weight and non greasy. I suffer with dry skin so this product has become my saviour.

I use it once a week in order to ensure it lasts, i wouldn't recommend using it more than this as it may make skin become too greasy!

This is my first Clarins product and i can't wait to try more.

Active Ingrediants:
Hyaluronic acid : helps skin maintain its moisture reserves.
Katafray bark : restructures the corneal layer, prevents dehydration.
Sobier tree bud : boosts microcirculation.
Vitamin E :
protects skin from free radicals. E3P Anti-Pollution Complex protect

Directions: Leave it on for 5-10 minutes before washing off