12 May 2013

Buffy, Captain America and Me

Yes that's me in a cat suit with Buffy and Captain America! My mum got this drawing done as a present and I thought it was too good not to share with you. 

Buffy and Captain America are two of my favourate fictional characters, who watched Avengers and didn't want to marry Captain America? He has that old school American charm that can make any girl swoon. 

Its weird seeing myself as a drawing, I always wondered what I would look like if somebody drew me. Obviously this isn't my body, its my face on cat woman but you can probably tell that because I actually have boobs in this picture! I now know what I would look like with a decent cleavage. 

The lady that drew this can draw you with any celebrity that you like, yes ladies (and gents) that does mean you can have a drawing of yourself and Ian Somerhalder!

You can have a look at Accidental Artistry's page here I think her work would make a great present or treat for yourself! The drawings have so much detail and I can't wait to frame mine. 

If you could have a drawing of yourself and any celebrity who would it be?

9 May 2013

Outfit of the day & a new car

Army jacket and maxi skirt outfit of the day

Jacket: Fashion Union, Jumper, Skirt and Shoes: New Look, Socks: Topshop

It's been far too long since my last post, I've missed blogging but I've been so busy and I'm tired all of the time lately. I am however full of motivation now and I really am back, and for good! You can't get rid of me that easily. 

I took these pictures 2 weeks ago (see I didn't forget about you!), but wasn't really sure I liked them so didn't post them, however I want to start being a lot less critical of myself and my outfits. I think that's part of the reason I haven't been blogging, I just don't feel like I've looked good enough to take pictures and blog lately. 

Since I last blogged I bought myself a car, I got a Citroen c3 in a lovely light blue and I love it! It’s the perfect little car for me. It’s used (I'm not made of money) but it’s now mine and I'm glad to finally have a car, although I hate driving it. I'm not a confident driver and I had a horrible panic attack at the thought of driving today. This morning I was full of confidence and decided I’d drive to work, it was the first time driving in the car on my own so I was nervous. It was rush hour and I had to drive on the Dual carriageway but it wasn't too bad and I made it in one piece. However being the anxious person I am I managed to convince myself that I couldn't drive home after work and that I was going to stall in the middle of the road and not be able to start the car again. I had a horrible panic attack and was stuck at work for half an hour after I finished because I couldn't bring myself to leave and drive home. Eventually I jumped into the car and the journey was fine, I don't know why I was being so silly!

Does anyone have any advice for a new driver?

On a side note who's watched Iron Man yet? I watched it on Monday and absolutely loved it!