12 May 2013

Buffy, Captain America and Me

Yes that's me in a cat suit with Buffy and Captain America! My mum got this drawing done as a present and I thought it was too good not to share with you. 

Buffy and Captain America are two of my favourate fictional characters, who watched Avengers and didn't want to marry Captain America? He has that old school American charm that can make any girl swoon. 

Its weird seeing myself as a drawing, I always wondered what I would look like if somebody drew me. Obviously this isn't my body, its my face on cat woman but you can probably tell that because I actually have boobs in this picture! I now know what I would look like with a decent cleavage. 

The lady that drew this can draw you with any celebrity that you like, yes ladies (and gents) that does mean you can have a drawing of yourself and Ian Somerhalder!

You can have a look at Accidental Artistry's page here I think her work would make a great present or treat for yourself! The drawings have so much detail and I can't wait to frame mine. 

If you could have a drawing of yourself and any celebrity who would it be?


  1. Aww that is such a cool present to get :) props to your mum :) well I'd probably want to get myself drawn with....prince Eric from the little mermaid :P or Chase Crawford!

    EdelBelle x


  2. This is awesome and super funny (in a good way) at the same time! Captain America is definitely one of my favs as well. Love that classic charm!

  3. That's awesome! I would love to get a present like this! :P If I had to get a drawing, I would probably want it with Simon Pegg. Hahaha, or Deadpool! Ahh, that'd be so cool! :P

  4. What a great gift! Buffy is one of my favorite shows of all time. I agree on Captain America!