2 Jul 2012

Elvive: Extraordinary Oil

I purchased this oil a few weeks ago in an attempt to fix some of my split ends and add some moister into my hair. Before I started this blog I use to dye my hair an awful lot, from brown to blonde back to brown and even red and purple! As I'm sure you can guess this has left my hair dry and in horrible condition. 

I've been applying this onto damp hair directly after I've washed it, I'm pretty sure it says somewhere that you only need a pea sized amount but I've been going slightly overboard and covering my ends in it. 

But does it work? 

Initially I noticed my hair seemed a lot less tangled when brushing and my split ends a lot less prominent. This seems to slowly be helping to bring my hair back to life, I won’t lie and say it’s a miracle cure but it’s the closest I've found! My hair feels so much softer and genuinely like hair again rather than straw! I've used a few hair oils and this one is my favourite so far, it even beats the Moroccan oil in my opinion! For starters it’s cheaper and secondly the results seem more long lasting. 

If you have dry and damaged hair then I recommend heading to your local drugstore and grabbing a bottle, it’s not completely cheap averaging on £10 in most stores but you get a lot for your money! 

Tanesha x


  1. Ooh I might try and have a look for this next time I'm in town, I've been wanting to try a hair oil for ages! x

  2. This sounds great, I will keep my eyes open for this as it is cheaper than some of the higher end products on the market :)


  3. I think I'll have to try it out - that's definitely a more reasonable price than Moroccan Oil!

  4. Cool! I haven't noticed that you've dyed your hair constantly... your hair looks normal! But it's pretty anyway!

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  5. ooh I have been after something like this so I may give it a try x

  6. Looks very tempting - wonder if it would be ok for fine hair?

    Jen x

    1. I didn't feel like it weighed my hair down so i think it should be OK as long as you don't use loads of it like me!

  7. Better than Moroccain Oil, you say? I wanted to try the oil, but if this is better, I'll try this first! Thanks for the review! :)


  8. It looks like a product I used of L'oreal's years ago. Have you tried Organix Moroccan Deep Penetrating Oil? Its about £7/£8 from boots and it leaves the hair so lovely and soft. My friend introduced me to it and now I swear by the stuff

    C x

  9. I will definitely try this!


  10. I'll be giving this a go - for a decent hair oil and that sized bottle the price isn't bad at all, in my opinion :-)

  11. ooo maybe ill try it!


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  12. Hm, I might have to pick this up! I've been trying to revive my hair after dying it rather frequently myself. So I think this might be something worth trying.


  13. This product really worked for me too :) But then I discovered Moroccan Argan oil :) Works wonders!! You should give it a dry. My hair is super brittle, dry and damaged from all the heat and dyeing so I'm sure it will work on you hair as well.


  14. I also have tried this product. All I can say is that it may give decent physical results but the residue left in your hair is disgusting. I started noticing that I'd have to wash my hair every day instead of every 3 days. My straighteners have been ruined as they're now covered in a solidified residue. Be careful with this product!!! Try John Frieda Full Repair serum instead!

  15. I have been eyeing this product up recently! Definately will be thinking about buying when pay day comes! great review!

  16. i like your blog!

    let's follow eachother?


  17. might try that!



  18. Wow, I definitely have to look into this. I just bleached my hair to death and my hair feels like straw now so I might try this! Thanks!

  19. OOh I really want to try this, I don't think I can justify it though, I have so many hair oils! xx

  20. Really need to try this ! Sounds great. :)

    Iqraa xx


  21. I prefer Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Oil Miracle.
    Try it if you like. :)
    Nice blog! We follow you. Kisses Desp & Goni

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