4 Jul 2012

Tuesdays Newbie #5

Disclaimer: This post has not been written by me and all images are copyright of  from Brigitte from Miss DeVious Diva.

I'm Brigitte and I hail from the wild wild West Coast, more specifically Southern California. I rap and post freestyles on Youtube. I love hip hop. I'm also into nail art, beauty, makeup and fashion. I guess I just kinda love all things pretty and cute.

I started blogging as a way to display my nail designs. I was inspired by other nail bloggers out there and it's a nice way to remember designs long after they've chipped off. I love writing, writing lyrics to me is soothing, but I also love writing in general, so my blog gives me a way to let me be creative with that.

My blog is a bit focused on nail art at the moment, but sometimes I do outfit posts and FOTDs. I also post new videos when I upload them. I've always thought art imitates life, so if there's something I'm really feelin' then I'll probably blog about it!

Thanks! :]


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  1. she seems awesome :D



  2. wow! very nice outfit and this video is very cool!


  3. oh this is a nice voice!

  4. Thanks so much to Tanisha for featuring me and to the lovely people who commented! <3