23 Nov 2011

Opinions needed!

On the 3rd of December is my work Christmas party, I’ve already purchased the dress (you may remember my post of the miss Selfridges dress) however I’ve been hunting high and low for some shoes to match. Mission and a half!

Ideally I want some raspberry colour Mary Jane heels, not specific at all ;]... although I did come up with this little number. What do you think? I’m not 100% sure about the colour of the shoes as they don’t exactly match the colour of the belt.

Do you like it? Do you know where I can get any raspberry coloured high heels? Opinions will be very much appreciated.

Dress & Bag: miss selfridge, Shoes: Asos

20 Nov 2011

17 join the magnetic revolution!

A little late but as promised my review and photos of number 17's magnetic polish.

To start with the price is definitely a bonus coming in at only £5 it’s an affordable alternative to other high street attempts at magnetic nail polish. It comes in at a variety of colours green (as pictured below), purple, blue and silver. All colours work great with this seasons trends and it’s impossible to go wrong with whatever one you choose.

However on the negative side i found that the polish wasn't very chip resistant and chipped after just a few days wear; even when applying a topcoat every day. But for only £5 number 17's magnetic nail varnish is most certainly a win... I just don’t recommend it for work if you’re not a fan of chipped nail varnish (and let’s face it who is?)

15 Nov 2011

Sprinkles of glitter..

Revlon plum attraction with a sprinkle of glitter, one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment.

10 Nov 2011

of course I'm stressed I'm a journalism student!

Spent all day at university today working on releasing CUtoday (the Coventry university newspaper) I'm editor of national and international news this term one of the biggest sections so lots of work! I've also been helping the editor with general page formatting today so busy busy!

so if anyone wants to write an article for me feel free ;)

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happy snappy at uni

9 Nov 2011


Not much to share or report today as i spent the day home doing uni work so i thought i would show you a snap from today.

Versace for H&M

I've finally taken a look at the versace collection for h&m and picked out two of my favourite pieces. there wasn't an awful lot of their clothes that i could honestly say i would wear, the two i have chosen below are definitely i feel the most wearable items in the collection. The shoes are priced at £69.99  and the skirt at only £39.99. I'm aware that this might not sound cheap for everyone however you should remember that versace is a genuine designer brand.

I will hopefully be picking up these two beauties online, although i have a feeling it wont be easy to get my hands on them!

So what are your favorite pieces? will you be queuing outside h&m to get your hands on the versace items?

8 Nov 2011

Lush review part 1...

As promised a review of some of my lush purchases...

Golden wonder bath bomb

not grubby water honestly its the bath bomb!

I think the pictures speak for themselves really; how lovely does this bath bomb look? my whole bath was covered in stars! it also smelt lovely but not to over whelming. I deffinatly reccomend putting this on your christmas list, there was however one downfall. My bath was left completly gold and took a fair bit of scrubbing afterwards. Still an amazing product however.

Buche de noel

This face mask claims to be good for dry winter skin something im suffering with lately... even though winter hasn't fully hit us yet. Truthfully at first i wasn't amazed by this product it left my skin looking rather matt and dull. However after using it a few times my skin does seem a lot less dry and it better condition so i will let you know how the rest of the pot goes!

I'll be back to review the rest of my purchases shortly!

4 Nov 2011

A no metal outfit?

Hello, another ootd post to share with you! Today i had a slight challenge when deciding what to wear as I couldn't wear any metal because of a scan i was having at the hospital, sounds simple? Think again! That means no jeans or trousers (zips and buttons). I therefore went for this jumpsuit, no metal in sight!

Blazer- clothes show live, Jumpsuit- primark, Cardigan- primark, Umbrella- newlook

It was actually raining so the umbrella was necessary. After today’s appointment I decided to treat myself to a trip to lush (one of my favourite shops). 

One of the things i love about lush is the great customer service; the staff are always so friendly! On my trip today I asked what new products they had in so I could show you lucky lot. Out of the 16 new products they had in my store I chose the Buche de Noel face mask: recomended for dry skin and therefore a perfect product for the coming winter. Secondly I picked up the chilli tingle lip balm a lovely orange red shade (as swatched above). Ros argan body conditioner, a conditioner for your skin! How fabulous does that sound? Lastly I picked up the golden wonder bath bomb; a cute little present shape bath bomb that would make a lovely present for someone this Christmas, it also has a smaller bath bomb inside!

I was also given a dream steam toner tab for free to review for you (the benefits of blogging!)

Tonight im going to treat myself to a pamper session so check back for some reviews!

2 Nov 2011

3 of my best...

3 lipsticks i cant recommend enough for autumn this year...

resize image

1)max factor- bewitching coral is for me the perfect shade of coral, although far more of a summer shade i just cant get enough of the gorgeous lipstick!

2)revlon- black cherry has a lovely goth vibe to it and is perfect as the cold weather hits! i personally feel it's the perfect mix between vamp and feminine making it far more wearable that a pure black lipstick.

3) sleeks-barely there is a great shade for day time. A nice peachy nude that is perfect from season to season.

Do any of you have any recommendations for my collection?

1 Nov 2011

October favourites

Time for a new month and new beauty products already so i thought i would share with you some of my favourites from October!

Lee stafford sea salt spray: a must have to create effortless wavy hair, i don't know what i would do without this product!

Moroccan oil hair mask: for the last few months my hair as been in awful condition and this has literally saved it.

Revlon facets of fuchsia: what do i have to say? this nail varnish is absolutely gorgeous.

Baby doll perfume: a classic fragrance i love and will buy over and over again.

Revlon photo ready: very rarely will i feel a foundation if worth sharing, i have tried many over the years and have been disappointed many times. However this foundation for me is genuinely worth having and is a good, affordable product that i will re-purchase.

Max factor ruby Tuesday: a gorgeous shade of red lipstick. as far as i am concerned every girl should own at least one red lipstick... now i own many but this is my current favourite.

Who doesn't love a bargain?

Last week i picked up this cute little coat that i am in love with! It's in one of my favourite colours, has lovely gold buttons and just the right amount of faux fur as far as I'm concerned. And the best bit? it was only £14.80 from primark...bargain!