23 Nov 2011

Opinions needed!

On the 3rd of December is my work Christmas party, I’ve already purchased the dress (you may remember my post of the miss Selfridges dress) however I’ve been hunting high and low for some shoes to match. Mission and a half!

Ideally I want some raspberry colour Mary Jane heels, not specific at all ;]... although I did come up with this little number. What do you think? I’m not 100% sure about the colour of the shoes as they don’t exactly match the colour of the belt.

Do you like it? Do you know where I can get any raspberry coloured high heels? Opinions will be very much appreciated.

Dress & Bag: miss selfridge, Shoes: Asos


  1. i really like the contrast; i always find myself trying to be too 'matchy'with colour coordination and am trying to break free of this rut! dorothy perkins have a shoe in the same two tone colours but it's a wedged heel...they have some fab shoes in the pink/purple/red section tho! x

  2. Thank you! I’m usually the same with colours but the dress already came with the belt colour so it pushed me to try something different!

    The shoes should be here tomorrow to fingers crossed they look ok!
    i really want some red shoes so ill have to have a look at dorothy perkins :)

  3. you'll have to post the finished ensemble for us to see! :) xx

  4. yessssss i most certainly will :) x