4 Nov 2011

A no metal outfit?

Hello, another ootd post to share with you! Today i had a slight challenge when deciding what to wear as I couldn't wear any metal because of a scan i was having at the hospital, sounds simple? Think again! That means no jeans or trousers (zips and buttons). I therefore went for this jumpsuit, no metal in sight!

Blazer- clothes show live, Jumpsuit- primark, Cardigan- primark, Umbrella- newlook

It was actually raining so the umbrella was necessary. After today’s appointment I decided to treat myself to a trip to lush (one of my favourite shops). 

One of the things i love about lush is the great customer service; the staff are always so friendly! On my trip today I asked what new products they had in so I could show you lucky lot. Out of the 16 new products they had in my store I chose the Buche de Noel face mask: recomended for dry skin and therefore a perfect product for the coming winter. Secondly I picked up the chilli tingle lip balm a lovely orange red shade (as swatched above). Ros argan body conditioner, a conditioner for your skin! How fabulous does that sound? Lastly I picked up the golden wonder bath bomb; a cute little present shape bath bomb that would make a lovely present for someone this Christmas, it also has a smaller bath bomb inside!

I was also given a dream steam toner tab for free to review for you (the benefits of blogging!)

Tonight im going to treat myself to a pamper session so check back for some reviews!


  1. This has made me want to go to lush :(! All look so nice!

  2. lush is amazing! so difficult not to buy everything, just posted photos of the golden wonder bath bomb, might make you want to go to lush even more!