6 Oct 2015

I Ask Guys How Girls Should Flirt...

The single girl series: flirting, dating & lots of Netflix 

I've been single for just over 6 months and every time anyone mentions the word dating its followed by countless rules- wait a calculated amount of time before texting back, give eye contact but don't look at him for longer then 0.2335454645 seconds, wait until 9 minutes into the 3rd date before giving a good night kiss. 

It's confusing, dating is a minefield... and i've never even been on a date. That's right. Never. But now i'm single and 24 so I should probably start somewhere. So welcome to a new series- The single girl series to flirting, dating and lots of Netflix.

Before you even get a date, you probably need to learn to flirt. I'm hopeless. So I turned to some male friends and asked them how they think we should do it... and then I took the piss and added some Gifs.

1. Lots of Eye contact, let them know you're interested. 

2. Acknowledgement- agree with everything they say apparently? 

3. Don't play hard to get.... but apparently theres a fine line between looking uninterested and being creepy and desperate (so many rules)

4. "My friend thinks you're cute" apparently thats pretty bad... 

5. Flanter (thats flirty banter FYI). Multi tasking at it's finest... being flirty, sexy and funny all at the same time.

6. Don't talk about yourself too much

7. Compliment them often

And finally a quote from my super confident friend when I told him about this post: "I wish people just spoke to people in life, don't make it a big deal" flirting's so easy for some people... 

4 Oct 2015

Prague 2015

Just a short post today, I moved yesterday so I'm tired and ache from carrying the worlds heaviest table up what felt like a million flights of stairs! Moving is pretty tough work. 

17 Sept 2015

New Hair Bitches!

Sometimes you just wake up and feel like you need a change, I've been feeling drab, frumpy and pretty boring to say the least so I did what every young 20 something year old does in that situation... I gave myself a new look. 

20 minutes and 2 boxes of 'Golden Brown' , some eye brow tint and fake tan later (more on those in another post) I was looking a little less 'drab'. I've been ginger for nearly 2 years and it's been one of my favourite colours... I've been lots. But it just didn't feel exciting anymore. Plus the upkeep was starting to take it's toll. 

So here I am a new bronzed woman and it feels pretty awesome. 

2 Sept 2015

Spending a weekend solo...

I didn't have a good picture so I chose the first thing I had on Google Drive... 
Being single is relatively new to me, I've been in a relationship since I was 17 so I've never had to think about doing things 'solo'. 

After spending most weekends home, alone, in my Bridget Jones pants, feeling sorry for myself I eventually ventured out into the world... by myself. 

Here's my tips/ some things I like doing when I have a weekend by myself. 

Netflix is Life
Spending an entire weekend binge watching my TV shows is one of my favorite things on solo weekends. Load up with snacks and put on your coziest PJ’s and take up residence in front of your laptop. Some of my favorite shows at the moment are Switched at birth, Pretty Little Liars and Criminal Minds. 

Go to the Gym
The Gym is pretty much a no judgement zone... unless you fall of the treadmill. It's also one of the least sociable places to go. Who wants to make friends with a sweaty stranger? Also I'm told exercise is good for you and makes you happier so wins all around! 

Solo Shop 
No judgmental looks as you pick up that hideous sweater that screams cat lady? Solo shopping is pretty cool. 

I love shopping with friends, but it's also pretty damn OK to go on your own. 

Read Something Inspirational
I love going to coffee shops and spending a few hours drinking lots of coffee, treating myself to a cake and reading a good book. 

Go to to the Cinema
Yep watch a movie on your own, get a large popcorn, some nachos for good measure and enjoy a good movie. It's pretty weird at first, and I kept questioning if it was socially acceptable to go on my own? But then I remembered there's actually not a rule book of things you can't do solo.

Sometimes a weekend doing things for yourself solo is pretty liberating. 

There are so many things I could add to this list and I may do another in the future if you guys want more things to do on your own! If you have any ideas of things others can do on their own this weekend then do leave them in the comments as I would love to know!

6 Jul 2015

Simple Stripes & Grumpy Faces

Coat: New Look, Dress: Next, Shoes: Next
Excuse my resting Bitch face in the first photo- I was happy honest. My 'No Make-up, Make-up' also makes me look like a ghost... I need a holiday and a good tan! 

A catch-up since my last post...

For the last few weeks I've been on a typical summer health kick- gym, green tea, eating healthy (someone feed my chips, stat!). It's been 2 weeks and I still look like a troll, I think my gyms broken?  I just want to look like a Victoria Secrets model, that's not too much to ask for it it? 

I finally caved and purchased some crest white strips- I've almost finished my 2 weeks and so far I'm really not impressed. I want pearly whites! Everyone raves about these but I can't notice a difference. I have 2 days left so fingers crossed. 

I accidentally left my hair dye on too long and ended up with VERY bright orange hair... eeek! Lots of shampoo and scrubbing I'm finally back to a less bright ginger. 

My face hates me and adult acne seems to have taken hold, someone please save me from the mountain taking over my chin! 

Any tips for getting rid of spots? Share you're secrets below, I need all of the help I can get.

19 Jun 2015

Peach Jeans Outfit and Butterflies

Top & Jeans from Next, Boots from Office.

I love these peachy, pinky jeans from Next. They're great for summer. I've always struggled to find jeans that fit but Next jeans fit perfectly with just enough extra room for a burger... or two. 

Apologies for the grubby boots, I've lived in these since October and I don't care how dirty they get they're not going anywhere. They're so comfy and they go with everything (maybe). 

14 Jun 2015

Blogging Friends & Ice Skating Adventures

Those of you that have read my 'May Highlights- Life So Far'  post will know I now work with the amazing Eloise from Frolics and Fashion (and those of you that have't read it go, go go... I try and be funny and everything). That's right there's now another girl in the team, and she blogs. That means lots of conversations about clothes, make-up, blogging and someone to understand my need to take selfies... 

Needless to say the guys in the office find it hilarious when we sneak off to take outfit photos. 
My Outfit: Blue shirt dress: Tesco, Boots: Office, Bag: Zatchels 
Eloise's Outfit: Cardigan: Primark, Playsuit: AX Paris, Boots: Vagabond via Office