6 Jul 2015

Simple Stripes & Grumpy Faces

Coat: New Look, Dress: Next, Shoes: Next
Excuse my resting Bitch face in the first photo- I was happy honest. My 'No Make-up, Make-up' also makes me look like a ghost... I need a holiday and a good tan! 

A catch-up since my last post...

For the last few weeks I've been on a typical summer health kick- gym, green tea, eating healthy (someone feed my chips, stat!). It's been 2 weeks and I still look like a troll, I think my gyms broken?  I just want to look like a Victoria Secrets model, that's not too much to ask for it it? 

I finally caved and purchased some crest white strips- I've almost finished my 2 weeks and so far I'm really not impressed. I want pearly whites! Everyone raves about these but I can't notice a difference. I have 2 days left so fingers crossed. 

I accidentally left my hair dye on too long and ended up with VERY bright orange hair... eeek! Lots of shampoo and scrubbing I'm finally back to a less bright ginger. 

My face hates me and adult acne seems to have taken hold, someone please save me from the mountain taking over my chin! 

Any tips for getting rid of spots? Share you're secrets below, I need all of the help I can get.


  1. You look so chic, yet not so chic that you're unapproachable! I like it so much! In terms of spots, if you just have some on your chin, I tend to find that a 10% benzoyl peroxide topical cream from the drugstore applied 1-2x per day for a few days clears them right up! Just be sure to use a white pillow case if you apply it before bed as benzoyl perxoide does bleach!