31 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween my pretties!


resize image
When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.......

First attempt at nail art... a halloween special

30 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween!

Check out this amazing tutorial i found on youtube for Halloween inspired nails!

28 Oct 2011

Donuts... for you hair!

I picked up a hair donut the other day in primark for a bargain price of only £1! I was expecting it to help make my buns a lot neater and bigger (yes i realise how strange it is to be talking about my buns).

I have to admit it wasn't as easy to use as i thought it would be and took several attempts the first time to get it right but once i did my bun looks so much better and bigger for it!

Lush henna review...

I've used lush henna a few times before and i have to say it never disappoints; its so much better then hair dye and it leaves hair feeling in great condition. Yesterday i decided to use the caca brun as i didn't want a drastic change in colour just more of a gloss treatment.

1) First i grated 2 squares of the henna into a plastic bowel added hot water and mixed.
2)I applied it directly onto dry hair, wrapped in clingfilm and placed a woolly hat on (may look odd but it helps keep the mixture warm so it works faster and stops it dripping)
3) ....waited for 2 hours....
4)spent an awful long time rinsing it out
5)and voila all done!

The colour isn't drastically different, although it is more of a rich brown now. But the best part? the condition of my hair! lets face it every time we dye our hair the condition is left an awful lot dryer but not with this lush henna. My hair has been so dry lately for excessive dying it over the years and this henna seems to be the only thing that has improved the condition :) so it more then a thumbs up from me!

Head Kandy hair...

This morning i took a stroll upon the head kandy website and all i can say is these hair extensions look amazing! they look such good quality and a tripple weft is a brilliant idea! i must save my pennies for a set.


27 Oct 2011

Christmas party dress!

Although it might not be the season yet i just couldn't miss out on this little beauty! Its the perfect colour and the vintage style is to die for. Can't wait to wear this at my work christmas party.

dress from miss selfridge

25 Oct 2011

Outfit of the day...

For those few readers that pop back to read more this is your lucky day; another post! Today when i looked outside i couldn't have been more excited to see that it was cold... and that meant only one thing time to wear my new coat from topshop! its been sitting in my closet for weeks and I've been desperate to wear it!

coat & top-topshop, jeans-newlook, bag, boots and cardigan primark

My favorite hair product...

My favorite thing to use lately has to be my babyliss heated rollers lately! so easy to use and with your hands free you can get on with doing your make-up!

posing with my rollers in!

the results

clipped up and styled.

So what do you think? do you have a favorite product that you like to use on your hair?

24 Oct 2011

17 join the magnetic revolution!

Boots own brand number 17 has released there own magnetic nail polishes and the best bit is the price! At only £4.99 they are the cheapest that i have personally found and i can't wait to give them a go.

Magnetic nail varnish if definitely the must have nail trend for autumn 2011! Be sure to check back for a review once i give these babies a go!

image from boots.com

23 Oct 2011

blurry photos...blogging failure!

Last night i went out with a few friends but shamefully forgot to take a photo of my outfit... and my hair before it went frizzy so I'm afraid a blurry photo from the night will have to do! my camera is better quality tho honest but every time my friend used it the photos came out blurry.

wearing topshop blouse and pleather trousers

An Update...

This week has been super busy with uni, work and working on my portfolio! On Wednesday i went to the biggest UK gypsy eviction at dale farm for a radio piece. It was a great experience creating a live piece and definitely tested my journalism skills! Here's a few snaps from the day... sorry for the photo heavy post!

16 Oct 2011

& when she gets bored she goes shopping!

Top-new look,  Midi skirt- H&M, Belt and Shoes- primark, Baby doll perfume

3 new beauties!

Maybelline- coral pop
Max factor- bewitching coral
Max factor- ruby tuesday

Excuse the tired face and dodgy hair I've had a long day at work but i thought i would share some of the new lipsticks that i managed to pick up today. Ruby Tuesday is by far my favorite; you cant go wrong with a nice classic red! Every girl/woman should own at least one good red lipstick in their make up collection.

13 Oct 2011

Mulberry s/s 2012

Slightly late for this post but i thought i would share with you my highlights for Mulberry's s/s 2012 show. The designs are full of so much detail and are so delicate looking, what i would give to own any one of these!

10 Oct 2011

Another wish list.

Another wish list I'm afraid, but a girl can dream aye? this time all from good old miss selfridge!

9 Oct 2011

outfit of the day...

Decided to attempt and enjoy what appears to be the last warm day before autumn truly descends upon us, so today i wore my midi skirt (for the first time!) it took some guts to wear a midi skirt as i have rather short legs but i think I'm definitely going to invest in some more.

I did actually wear a cardigan as well but it was far to warm to wear it inside.

Top-Newlook, Skirt- Primark, Shoes- Newlook, Belt- Dorothy perkins

Can't stop listening too...

7 Oct 2011

The Tiger and Me PART2

Last year i was lucky enough to interview The Tiger and Me as part of a university project to find out more about the amazing band continue reading...

How long has the band been together?
In its current form, one year exactly. The line-up of six came together officially in April 2010, which is when the band feels like it was properly born. Prior to this we were a folk duo, then a folk duo that also had bass and drums (the numerically ambiguous four-piece duo). We added piano accordion in late 2009 and the band’s current sound began to take shape, but it wasn’t quite right. When we added our multi-instrumentalist (and magnificently bearded axe-man) last year, the ball began to roll.

What are your inspirations as a band?
We’re inspired by the common pursuit of creating live shows that are lively and exciting, without forgoing moments of reflection and meaning. Also by the pursuit of creating records that do the same.
Collaborating inspires all of us – we live in a very musically vibrant city in Melbourne and as such are fortunate to be able to regularly collaborate with like-minded musicians and artists. We recently were part of a series called Sideshow Alley (sideshowalley.tv) that films bands playing a song in an alley somewhere in Melbourne. The concept is that you get one take and it’s all acoustic. Collaborations like this are great for creative momentum.

What other bands would you say you are similar too?
This is a difficult question to answer without getting into pretentious-land with “we’re unique”, so I think the best way to answer is with what people tell us. We’ve been compared a few times in the press to The Cat Empire. We’ve had people at shows tell us we remind them of Decemberists (we seem to get that one often). Ed Harcourt heavily influences a lot of my song writing, although by the time the tunes come out the other end of the machine they tend to move into more of a Beirut type area (Beirut the band, my songs don’t move to Lebanon).

What advice would you give to other bands trying to make it in the business?
Work very hard. Work on your song writing and your performing. Listen to and watch bands that you like and ask yourself what it is that they do well and how. Figure out what you want to do and then figure out how you’re going to do it. Then do it. I think success ‘finds’ very few bands or artists, mostly I think bands find success. Don’t sit around writing songs and expect it to just happen. It might, but it’s highly unlikely unless you do lots of other things right as well.

When can we look forward to hearing new material from you?
July 2011. We’ve spent March spending long days and nights in the studio working on the first of a series of three EPs that will be released over a twelve month period. The EPs will thematically explore the dichotomy between reality (sanity) and unreality (imaginary/madness). EP 1 will contain upbeat and manic songs (representing the illusion of control), the slower, introspective tunes will feature on EP 2 (realization of no control), and quirky pop material (currently under construction) is for EP 3 (embracing lack of control), early 2012.

The Tiger and Me

The Tiger and Me use a twist of indie-pop mixed with European Folk songs to create a truly unique sound.

Unlike anything the 21st century has to offer The Tiger and Me are a band that should not be missed. 

This Month I am pleased to announce my first ever featured artist The Tiger and Me, with their refreshingly unique approach to music The Tiger and Me are soon becoming one of our top indie-pop bands of the year. 

What makes The Tiger and Me truly spectacular is the way they twist Indie-pop with European Folk songs to create their own unique sound that struggles to be compared to any band found this century. 

Bursting onto the Music scene just over one year ago The Tiger and me are inspired to create ‘Lively and exciting’ music which also focuses on ‘reflection and meaning’. 

It is truly refreshing to hear a band with as much raw talent as The Tiger and Me that refuse to be drowned by synchronizers and special effects and rather yet concentrate on pure instrumental riffs from piano and the banjo to the ukulele The Tiger and me certainly has lots to offer for those with a pure passion for music. 

Similarly the vocals offer a pure and enchanting quality that leaves you feeling hypnotized by the cabaret/circus feeling found in many of their songs. 

For those that have not yet listened to The Tiger and Me I recommend you head to www.thetigerandme.com.au

5 Oct 2011

Outfit of the night

OK so I cheated I actually wore this the other night when i went out with some work friends but I thought I would share it anyway;  better late then never? I wish I had a photo of the back of my hair because i was rather impressed with how it turned out. I tried something new and ended up with it looking slightly 1940's at the back. I will most certainly be trying it again so next time I will make sure to get a photo!

4 Oct 2011

' I wish I was a billionaire so freaking bad'

If I was rich my autumn wardrobe would consist of...

All from Topshop


Blogging is a world I have wanted to explore for a while now so today I took the leap... wish me luck?

I thought I would start by saying a little about myself; as a 20 year old Journalism and English student stating that I am opinionated would be an understatement. I have a passion for media, politics, fashion and beauty so expect a wide range of content!

Im not 100% sure how i will use this platform so if anyone reads this stay tuned to find out what comes next.