7 Oct 2011

The Tiger and Me

The Tiger and Me use a twist of indie-pop mixed with European Folk songs to create a truly unique sound.

Unlike anything the 21st century has to offer The Tiger and Me are a band that should not be missed. 

This Month I am pleased to announce my first ever featured artist The Tiger and Me, with their refreshingly unique approach to music The Tiger and Me are soon becoming one of our top indie-pop bands of the year. 

What makes The Tiger and Me truly spectacular is the way they twist Indie-pop with European Folk songs to create their own unique sound that struggles to be compared to any band found this century. 

Bursting onto the Music scene just over one year ago The Tiger and me are inspired to create ‘Lively and exciting’ music which also focuses on ‘reflection and meaning’. 

It is truly refreshing to hear a band with as much raw talent as The Tiger and Me that refuse to be drowned by synchronizers and special effects and rather yet concentrate on pure instrumental riffs from piano and the banjo to the ukulele The Tiger and me certainly has lots to offer for those with a pure passion for music. 

Similarly the vocals offer a pure and enchanting quality that leaves you feeling hypnotized by the cabaret/circus feeling found in many of their songs. 

For those that have not yet listened to The Tiger and Me I recommend you head to www.thetigerandme.com.au

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