27 Mar 2012

Happy Yellow

Blazer- £19 from Primark, Dress- £8 from Primark, Converse- Allstar, Bag-Present from NewLook

Today i decided to treat myself to a few things from Primark, it was a stressful day at University (group work always is!) so i felt like i really deserved a treat. I picked up both the Blazer and Dresss with a few other smaller bits. The blazer is so perfect for spring, such a lovely pastel colour. 

The weather was so lovely today i couldn't wait to put the outfit on instantly when i got home to cool down in time for a lovely walk in the woods with Poppy.

Tanesha x

23 Mar 2012

Went and bought myself a tank...

Jacket- River Island, Dress- Tesco, Shoes- hiding in the back of my closet?

Because who doesn't want to pose with a tank? Just a snap my boyfriend took of me at the imperial war museum (IWM). All of the photos we took in the morning on my outfit came out awful... i really must teach him how to take an ootd photo. 

The shoes I'm wearing i have had for years and for some reason i never wear i don't know why because they are adorable with little ribbons that tie around the ankle. I think they will most definitely be appearing more regularly. 

Tanesha x

22 Mar 2012

Bend and Snap


 Surely it would have been wrong of me to see Legally Blonde in anything other then pink? I did feel slightly over dressed at the theatre, so many people in uggs! However i really believe people should dress up more for the theatre.

Things i have learnt from watching Legally Blonde...

  • If someone tells you that a party is fancy-dress, make sure you check with the host before going for full-on playboy bunny wear
  • It is impossible to do a half-loop stitch on low-viscosity rayon. The fabric would snag
  • How to do the bend and snap
  • Never change who you are. Not for Harvard, not for a man, not for anyone.
  • You should really have a laptop on your first day of law school.
  • When your ex is engaged to somebody else and you're thousands of miles from home, find a good manicurist. They will help you through.
  • Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbands.
  • Never give up. Even if your law professor is a sleaze-bag.
  • Enemies can often become friends, and people you think you're in love with can turn out to be total boneheads
For those of you that haven't watched Legally Blonde on stage i highly recommend it! It wasn't on the top of my list of shows to watch originally but I'm so glad i did because it was simply amazing. Plus our seats got upgraded when we got there, bonus!

21 Mar 2012

Forever 21 (It's my Birthdayyyyyyyyy!)

Birthday cards, lucky charms, flower nails, birthday brownie cake, birthday meal, truffles and champagne, spa day, nail art pens, prezzie box, spa pamper day, new flatforms, swatch, nail inc polish, bye bye hotel, legally blonde, presents from my lovely friend Marie (marieeeloves), best 21year old socks, bf does my make-up, topshop cupcakes, diy bracelet, sweets, prezzie box 2, sneak peek inside

Hello my lovelies, sorry it's been a while I've been super busy celebrating and working hard! My Birthday is always located smack bang in the middle of deadlines at uni (you think i would have learnt to therefor do the work early).

My Birthday was on the 12th so over a week ago but i have barely sat down to do a post, plus i wanted to do a few bigger posts on what i have  been up to. On  the day of my Birthday i had to go to uni to give in some work (massive thumbs down) and i made the mistake of showing my work to my tutor first and ended up running around changing it all! Hopefully it will be worth it. When i got home i had a lovely meal at Bella italia with my mum, brother and boyfriend (yum yum yum) then the evening was full of cake and presents.

Me and my mum then escaped to the spa on Friday (a lovely surprise present from my mum) and stayed the night in a lovely hotel where we was treated to lovely spa treatments, champagne, truffles and lots of lovely food. We got back on the Saturday, spent Sunday together for mothers day then i was off on Monday to London with my boyfriend to see Legally Blonde! The show was amazing and I spent the next day giving my boyfriend a tour of London, his never seen Big Ben before? crazy!

I think its safe to say i had an amazing birthday and was spoilt rotten, i got lots of presents but there's one main one i want to tell you about (other then the spa and legally blonde). I've been looking at glossyboxes for a while and have considered getting a subscription however i don't think i would use many of the products. So my mum surprised me with the most thoughtful of gifts, she made her own box of presents! introducing the 'Mama Mia 21 Prezzie Box' for 21 weeks (every Monday) i will get a pretty box full of goodies! So far i have received 2 boxes and they are full of such amazing items. I wont go into what i received because i will be doing an individual post of the boxes and doing some product reviews.

I have lots of posts lined up so don't go anywhere!

11 Mar 2012

Boots freebies

As you have probably already noticed boots often have great deals on where if you spend over a certain amount then you receive a free gift. This month boots are offering a free max factor goodie bag on all max factor purchases over £15. 

The gift box includes a miniature mascara, miniature  eyeliner and two of their mini nail varnishes (that can be purchased in the miniature size) and a £3 off max factor voucher. The nail varnishes alone usually retail at £3.99 so its definitely worth it! I'm a big fan of max factor make-up so spending £15 was easy for me. 

Whats even better is boots are currently offering there £5 number seven vouchers out, so grab yourself £15 worth of max-factor goodies, pick up your free gift and then treat yourself to some number 7 products with the voucher you will get! perfect for the make-up addict inside us all.

Tanesha x

2 Mar 2012

Feeling dotty

Trench: Newlook, Dress, Tights, Belt and Bag: Primark, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

I've spent most of today trying to finish some uni work, so much to do in so little time! i have absolutely no inspiration at the moment and I'm struggling to remember how to even write an essay let alone anything i have learnt over the last 2 and a half years... so if there's anyone studying journalism at university feel free to help me out? 

However in the spare few moments i had i had a few jobs to do so had to wear something other then my pyjamas and this is what i threw on. Feeling a slight 60's vibe from this outfit with the polka dots and hair. 

Sorry for the short post so much work to do! 

Tanesha x