26 Sep 2012

Give me a fact, any fact!

Jumper and trousers: Newlook, Shoes: Topshop (click the links to shop the look)

Every time I get my boyfriend to take outfit photos for me I end up looking like a bobble head, I'm pretty sure my head isn't that big?

 I feel like a 60's golfer in this outfit and I can't work out if I love it or hate it. These checked trousers from New Look are one of my favourite trousers for autumn; I love the pleather detail along the top. 

I love that it is finally jumper weather, I have purchased so many jumpers recently that I can’t wait to get lots of use out off. Last year I don't think I purchased any jumpers, I just couldn't find any I liked at reasonable prices so this year I'm definitely making up for it. Tesco has a great range in at the moment so expect to see me wearing a few of there's this season. 

I'm still in love with these shoes and I can’t decide if I should buy the white ones or not? They are so comfy and I think they will look great with thick woolly tights in the winter. But is it too much to own the same shoes in different colours? I had a job interview yesterday so maybe I will treat myself if I get the job (fingers crossed for me, the job seems amazing!). 

For my next post I have another DIY post for you using a school jumper I purchased from Tesco for £1.50! 

 Tanesha x 

P.S thank you to all of my new followers, I would love to get to know some of you a little more and what a better way than giving a fun little fact about yourself in the comments below! I suppose I should start, when I was younger I loved Sabrina the teenage witch and used to try making my own spells. I think I actually believed that if I tried hard enough they would work! I can't be the only one that's tried to do magic... can I? 

So what's your interesting fact? (everyone can join in)

24 Sep 2012

DIY clutch bag

What will you need? Your chosen fabric, zip,  tailors chalk (or ordinary chalk will do), a measuring tape, pins, scissors, sewing machine (or needle and thread). 

1. Decide the size you want your clutch and draw it out on your fabric using your chalk and measuring tape to ensure your lines are straight. You will need to do this twice to make the two sides of your bag.

2. Once you have drawn up your pattern cut both sides out. Pin your zip to the first side.

3. Sew along the zip using either your sewing machine or you can do it by hand. Once you have done this pin  the other side of the zip to your other piece of fabric and repeat the process sewing the zip to the fabric.

4.  Once you have sewn your zipper onto your fabric pin all of the sides together ready to sew.

5. Once you have sewn along all three sides turn your bag inside out to reveal your final product.


I hope this makes sense, this is the first thing I have ever sewn and it was super easy and didn't take long to do at all. My one piece of advice it to use a thick fabric so the bag will hold its shape. If your chosen fabric isn't thick then I would suggest using a lining in your bag.

Tanesha x

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22 Sep 2012

What time is it?

It's giveaway time, as promised what seems like forever ago I am finally hosting a Jimmy and his girl giveaway, I didn't want to do a giveaway directly after my last one so sorry it’s taken a while to put this up.

The rules of the giveaway are the same as before, you need to be following my blog via Google friend connect to enter and you can earn extra entries by following me in different places on the interweb. The one thing that's different in this giveaway... (Drum roll please!) Is that its open to international followers! I had a lot of people last time that couldn't enter so I wanted to ensure this giveaway was inclusive of everyone.

So what is it you can win you ask? Well I am giving away two items of your choice from Jimmy and his girl's jewellery range! Once Rafflecopter has selected the winner at random I will email you so you can make your choice, and then I will get Jimmy and his girl to post it directly to you!

You can view Jimmy and his Girl's amazing ranghere.

(giveaway doesn't include the shamballa style bracelets)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

19 Sep 2012

Shake it up

Jumper, skirt and watch: Newlook, shoes: Topshop 

I know I know how many blog posts can I start with an apology? But I am genuinely sorry that I keep making these promises to post more and then disappearing. But I had a family funeral last week so things haven't been the greatest. I'm feeling better though and I think I can just about remember how to put an outfit together so fingers crossed I will start posting more! 

I've finally managed to fix my sewing machine so I plan on starting LOTS of new DIY projects, I've already customised a school sweater I purchased from Tesco for £1.50 so expect to see that soon. 

Also I really want to start making some YouTube videos so if you have any requests then let me know, I have a few exciting ideas I just need some time to actually film. 

Hope you have all been enjoying London fashion week, I've loved all of the shows this year and I'm already planning what I will be buying next year. I should probably start saving now! 

Tanesha x 

p.s my wall looks filthy in the first photograph but I assure you its just shadows, damn my new light shade! 

8 Sep 2012

And it all started with a big bang

T-shirt: Amazon, Jeans: Primark, Shoes: Topshop

I know I know, I haven't kept my word. So much for me starting to post outfits daily. I was hoping to get a tripod sorted so I could take outfit photos myself but I haven't had a chance yet. Plus it turns out the lighting in my bedroom really isn't that great. But I will work something out. 

I know this isn't one of my greatest outfits but I couldn't resist showing you this t-shirt, I'm a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory (I swear my boyfriend is just like Leonard, geekiness, and cute curly hair!) For those of you that have no idea what I'm on about you can see here

The shoes I'm wearing have become a firm favourite of mine, so comfy and I love the patent burgundy colour. They will be perfect come autumn. 

Tanesha x 

P.S sorry about my face I was really tired and I'm wearing no eye make-up

4 Sep 2012

Can you hear me?

Dress: Primark, Shoes: Boohoo, Socks: Topshop

Sorry for the lack of posts this week I had some sad family news so I haven't been in the mood to blog in all honesty. But I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, I will start replying to all emails and questions tomorrow. Don't worry I wont forget about you. 

Now onto the outfit, I've had these socks stashed away for a few weeks now but I've been a little too scared to wear them after all I am 21! Can I really get away with frilly socks? hell yes! I'm not 80 yet, and even then expect to see me in my disco pants!

Now time for a confession...I actually wore this last week with the intention of posting it the day i wore it but as I said  things haven't been great. I really want to get into the habit of posting outfits daily so do expect to see more of me on the interweb. 

Tanesha x