30 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #5

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dress and heels: Newlook 

I look so awkward in these pictures! I just can’t seem to get the hang of posing in front of a tripod. Today's and yesterday’s pictures had to be taken inside as I'm currently nursing a cold and what I think is a throat infection. Everyone seems to be feeling under the weather lately so if you’re one of them I feel for you. 

This dress for me is my glam dress; I love the silky texture of the fabric and the detailing on the shoulder. I purchased this dress a few years ago from New Look; I was going through a phase where I thought Megan Fox was the prettiest woman alive (although I still think she is one good looking girl). I had seen this picture of her and fell in love with the dress. Obviously there is no way I was purchasing that exact dress but this was a much more practical version. It's a similar colour (although my images make it look a little washed out), texture and comes off on one shoulder. I wasn’t even looking for a dress in this colour and style as what was the chances I would find one? But there is was in the shop window waiting for me one day.

When you’re looking for your perfect party dress where do you look for inspiration?

P.S I have no idea what that grey shadow/ orb like thing is in the picture. It's not a dirt patch on the wall honest but it seems to appear on all of the pictures I took today. The sci-fi geek in my says ghost but the truth is it's probably a shadow from something. 

29 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #4

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Dress: Miss Selfridges, Shoes: Asos

Are you getting fed up of these yet? I feel like a few of you might be but it will all be over soon. Only two more to go. 

This is the dress I wore for my works Christmas party last year so a few of you long term followers may remember it. It's by far one of my favourite dresses; I love the length and colour of this piece. The colour of the belt inspired me to go for a little colour clashing and team it with some pink/purple heels. I searched everywhere last year for a pair of heels in the same shade as the belt but miserably failed so instead of finding a raspberry colour I simply went with pink and purple, but together they make raspberry right? 

I know you have seen these shoes a few times now but I can’t help wearing them, they are one of my highest platform heels I own and I’m convinced they were made for me. There comfy, the perfect height, colour and style. 

I recommend a dress like this for someone that doesn't like there hip/ waist area as it skims over them without clinging to the area perfectly. O and if you have a great bust to fill the dress even better! (but if you don't no worries it works for us small chested girls too).

28 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #3

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dress: Asos, Heels: New Look

Yes, I look grey! I don't believe I look grey in person? Although with this weather and all of the germs I have maybe I do look a little grey. This dress isn't my usual style, it has a very low neck line and I'm not one for showing much cleavage! But you can’t get much more classic than a little black dress and red heels. I think it’s a timeless combination that will never go out of fashion. If I chose to wear an outfit like this to a party I would most certainly team it with a bold red lip to complete the look. 

Sorry for the poor quality photos but the winter weather is making it really difficult to take good quality photos, it’s always getting dark by the time I have a chance to go out and take pictures. 

27 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #2

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Dress: Asos, Heels: Primark

I wish these photos shown just how lovely this dress is but with the rain, wind and grey skies it was really difficult to take a good quality picture. Also sorry for the umbrella but I was getting soaked taking these. This is probably the reality of dressing for a Christmas party anyway; you get all dressed up only to get soaked by the British weather. 

This dress is by far one of my favourite dresses I own, I love the way it moves when I do and the midi length. It’s such a pretty delicate looking dress; it makes me feel super lady like wearing it! Although I doubt a ‘lady’ would use the word super.

I love the lace side panelling on this dress its super pretty and flattering! The silhouette the panelling creates gives a lovely looking figure. Once again I teamed it with pink heels, I promise I'll try and wear some different coloured shoes tomorrow! 

What do you think of today’s dress? Is it more your style then yesterdays?

26 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #1

Dress: Newlook, Tights: Primark, Shoes: Asos

We all know that as soon as December hits its time to get our party dresses out, I thought I would show you 6 of my possible outfit choices for this year and maybe give you a little inspiration to help you find the perfect outfit if you’re lucky enough to go to a party this year. Why 6 outfits you ask, well 6 for each day of the week and then a day or rest to pamper yourselves to get ready for the party season (It worked for God creating the world so it’s good enough for me!). That and I happen to have 6 party outfits that I can’t wait to show you. 

The first outfit is a classic little black dress, I purchased this a few years ago although dresses like this come out every year so I'm certain a dress like this would be easy to find. Although the black dress is supposed to be a classic I find it a little boring so I teamed mine with some coloured tights and heels to add a little bit of character to the outfit! 

What do you think, would you try wearing coloured tights with a black dress? 

25 Nov 2012

Dog tooth

Coat, socks and shoes: Primark, Skirt: River Island, T-shirt: Topshop

Firstly sorry for the sock lines! Not the most attractive thing I know. I love how this outfit turned out, the pencil skirt and brogues together felt very 50's and the rest of the outfit gave it a modern twist. I picked this jacket up last year in Primark and I'm super impressed with how long its lasted for Primark considering I lived in it last winter. 

I still can’t get enough of pencil skirts, they are so flattering and I love anything that comes in a midi length. They are definitely my favourite staple piece for autumn. What’s your favourite wardrobe essential at the moment? 

I have loads of Christmas posts planned and I'm super excited to get working on them, I can't wait for Christmas this year I feel so festive already! 

P.S I'm still waiting on an email reply from Emily S regarding my Jimmy and his girl giveaway, I will email you again so if your name is Emily S don't forget to check your spam there may be an email from me waiting there! 

23 Nov 2012

I've got my halo, have you got yours?

Halo hair extensions*

A few weeks ago I was very lucky enough to be gifted a pair of Halo hair extensions; I've been eager to share them with you but wanted to be a good blogger and wear them plenty of times so I could give you an honest review of them.

I got the 20 inch deluxe set in darkest brown as recommended by the Halo team, I was very hesitant about receiving the darkest brown as although my hair can look very dark (as above) as soon as it hits natural sun light it looks drastically lighter and a lot warmer. However these extensions blend perfectly with the colour of my hair. The halo team did a great job and were very helpful at helping me choose the right set.

As soon as I took these extensions out of the box I knew the quality was amazing, I've worn lots of different hair extensions before but I've always got cheap ones spending under £40. I was always under the impression that human hair is human hair so why pay more for it somewhere else? Well I now know! Good quality human hair looks and feels a lot more natural and healthy and the bonding is a lot better quality. With my old sets I use to loose so much hair when I wore them but with these I haven't noticed any hair fall out.

Now onto something that might sound a little bit weird but the smell, yes that's right the smell. When I purchased cheaper extensions they had what I presumed was a distinct extension smell, it was probably the chemicals used to treat the hair I could smell. It wasn't overly noticeable but when they were new I could smell them. Now the halo ones don't smell like flowers (how cool if they did!) in all honesty they don't smell like anything so that gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

These extensions come with a great instruction guide for newbies and if you follow them then it is super easy and fast to apply your halo. 

So if you haven't guessed it I am super impressed with these, I can’t wait to do some hair tutorials and different looks with these. I was tempted to ombre the ends of these but they are such good quality I don't want to damage them. 

19 Nov 2012

Well, if you were crazy, they wouldn't make sense to you. Self-doubt is a sure sign of sanity

Coat: Topshop, Jumper: New Look, Jeans: Primark, Boots: Asos, Hat: George at Asda, Hair: Halo*

Finally it's the right weather for me to wear my hat! I got this a while ago but haven't had the right opportunity to wear it yet. I hate wearing hats unless it's freezing, there's nothing worse than a super hot sweaty head!

When i wore this outfit the other day I was super happy with it but it’s weird how things look different in photographs, the jeans seem to make my legs look a lot more chunky then they usually are. 

I'm also wearing my new hair extensions from Halo, I won’t say much about them now as I'm planning to post a review on them soon but I am really impressed with the quality of them so far. It’s been ages since I've owned a pair of extensions so I’m looking forward to styling long hair. 

On a side note is anyone having problems with the quality of photos via blogger? My photos look really good quality until I post them on blogger?

8 Nov 2012

Crazy lady in a jumper

Blazer: Asos, Jumper: Tesco, Shirt: Boohoo, Jeans: Primark, Shoes: Primark 

I feel like a little boy in this outfit, I think its the combination of wearing brogues and a blazer together, that being said I love it. It's so comfy, warm and ideal for Autumn weather.

I'm still trying to get to grips with taking pictures using my tripod, my room has such bad natural lighting and there's always shadows on the walls that spoil the quality of the images but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it! 

Today I've had a super lazy day, I have so many things I need to do that I haven't even made a start on. I still have 45000 words to do on my book before the end of the month so I think I'm going to be in a complete panic to complete it. So expect a crazy lady towards the end of the month, that being said I am so determined to complete it, how difficult can it be? 

1 Nov 2012

My life is a book

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins, Dress: Tesco, Boots: Asos, Hair courtesy of halo*

Hands up if you've been feeling ill and rough in the last week?! I think everyone has and I'm certainly no exception on Sunday evening I came over really sick and I won’t go into description about the vomiting that took place but let’s just say I haven't looked photo worthy for a few days. I actually took these photos on Saturday when me and my boyfriend took a stroll around my local park but as I said I've been ill so I haven't had the chance to post them. 

Today I've been busy starting the Nanowrimo challenge that challenges writers to write 50,000 words in a month. That works out to be about 1666 a day, so far I've completed most of today's word count (only 100 to go, can’t be too hard right?) If there's any budding writers out there I challenge you to give it a go, and maybe we can swap work at the end?

What did everyone get up to yesterday for Halloween? I hope you all had a spooktacula evening. I spent the day in London visiting family.