30 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #5

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dress and heels: Newlook 

I look so awkward in these pictures! I just can’t seem to get the hang of posing in front of a tripod. Today's and yesterday’s pictures had to be taken inside as I'm currently nursing a cold and what I think is a throat infection. Everyone seems to be feeling under the weather lately so if you’re one of them I feel for you. 

This dress for me is my glam dress; I love the silky texture of the fabric and the detailing on the shoulder. I purchased this dress a few years ago from New Look; I was going through a phase where I thought Megan Fox was the prettiest woman alive (although I still think she is one good looking girl). I had seen this picture of her and fell in love with the dress. Obviously there is no way I was purchasing that exact dress but this was a much more practical version. It's a similar colour (although my images make it look a little washed out), texture and comes off on one shoulder. I wasn’t even looking for a dress in this colour and style as what was the chances I would find one? But there is was in the shop window waiting for me one day.

When you’re looking for your perfect party dress where do you look for inspiration?

P.S I have no idea what that grey shadow/ orb like thing is in the picture. It's not a dirt patch on the wall honest but it seems to appear on all of the pictures I took today. The sci-fi geek in my says ghost but the truth is it's probably a shadow from something. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, that colour looks lovely on you xx

  2. Stunning dress and you look great even with the cold x