27 Nov 2012

Christmas party outfit #2

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Dress: Asos, Heels: Primark

I wish these photos shown just how lovely this dress is but with the rain, wind and grey skies it was really difficult to take a good quality picture. Also sorry for the umbrella but I was getting soaked taking these. This is probably the reality of dressing for a Christmas party anyway; you get all dressed up only to get soaked by the British weather. 

This dress is by far one of my favourite dresses I own, I love the way it moves when I do and the midi length. It’s such a pretty delicate looking dress; it makes me feel super lady like wearing it! Although I doubt a ‘lady’ would use the word super.

I love the lace side panelling on this dress its super pretty and flattering! The silhouette the panelling creates gives a lovely looking figure. Once again I teamed it with pink heels, I promise I'll try and wear some different coloured shoes tomorrow! 

What do you think of today’s dress? Is it more your style then yesterdays?


  1. i love the color of your shoes. pretty

  2. Your dress is amazing! Catherine:) Owlsinglasses.blogspot.com

  3. Love the dress with THOSE SHOES !!!! Just stunning ...... Love all your outfits....

  4. i love this outfit, the dress is just so beautiful! :) xx


    1. Thank you! I love the details on the dress x

  5. I love this outfit of all the ones you've posted :) x