25 Nov 2012

Dog tooth

Coat, socks and shoes: Primark, Skirt: River Island, T-shirt: Topshop

Firstly sorry for the sock lines! Not the most attractive thing I know. I love how this outfit turned out, the pencil skirt and brogues together felt very 50's and the rest of the outfit gave it a modern twist. I picked this jacket up last year in Primark and I'm super impressed with how long its lasted for Primark considering I lived in it last winter. 

I still can’t get enough of pencil skirts, they are so flattering and I love anything that comes in a midi length. They are definitely my favourite staple piece for autumn. What’s your favourite wardrobe essential at the moment? 

I have loads of Christmas posts planned and I'm super excited to get working on them, I can't wait for Christmas this year I feel so festive already! 

P.S I'm still waiting on an email reply from Emily S regarding my Jimmy and his girl giveaway, I will email you again so if your name is Emily S don't forget to check your spam there may be an email from me waiting there! 


  1. Love the socks, so cute! :) x

  2. Really nice outfit and I love the pencil skirt! :)


  3. Loving the midi length atm as well,that skirt looks gorgeous on you! :) x

  4. The peice in my wardrobe that I can't get enough of right now is a sweater I just bought...it'll be hard to keep myself from wearing it everyday!

    Really cute outfit, the shoes are my favorite part

    1. At least a sweater will keep you warm! Pencil skirts probably aren't the best thing to wear in this weather x

  5. your fashion really inspires me. which is saying something, as very few fashion blogs do that for me.

    i LOVE the pencil skirt + brogues combo. lately i've been obsessed with pencil skirts!