1 Dec 2012

Christmas party #6

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jumpsuit: River Island, Shirt: Boohoo

This outfit is very androgynous, but I actually really like that teamed with monochrome. I thought I would do a party outfit for those of you that don't like to get your pins out or want to stay warm in these colder months. If you decide to wear wide leg trousers I definitely recommend wearing platform heels to stop you looking short and washed out by the huge amount of fabric some wide leg trousers have. You want to wear your trousers and not let them wear you! Although those of you lucky enough not to be as short as me probably don't need to worry about that.

I love teaming a monochrome or androgynous outfit with a bold lipstick to add a bit of colour and a feminine touch to the look! 

One thing I have learnt from doing these party outfits is the amount of dresses I own, I definitely recommend doing a series of different looks you can create using your existing clothes if you don't want to buy a new outfit. You will probably find you already have the perfect party outfit hiding in your wardrobe somewhere. It’s also a great way to try something new. If anyone does this let me know what you come up with! 


  1. Love your shirt!

    Joyce xxx
    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  2. definitely my favourite of the series! gorgeous jumpsuit xx

  3. your holiday party outfits looks great~!

  4. Greetings, earthling!! Gottawannalemme run back to the Elysian Fields soon, but take anything and everything you wanna from our wonderfull, plethora-of-thot to write the next, great masterpeace -if- I can but kiss your gorgeous, adorable feets and/or cuddle withe greatest, ex-mortal-girly-ever to arrive in Seventh Heaven. Think about it. Do it! Get back with me Upstairs, k? God bless you, doll: pleasure-beyond-measure is waiting in the Great Beyond for you and eye. Love you. PS: the musical term MORENDO means ‘dying-away in tone-and-time’. How verrry apropos for U.S. …thewarningsecondcoming.com

  5. Such a fab outfit, I can actually see myself wearing it. I hate always having to wear tights with a dress when it's cold, a jumpsuit is a far better idea! x


  6. love your shirt!x


  7. Oh wow I totally love this look! That jumpsuit is amazing, I'd definitely wear this :)
    Daisy xx

  8. i love your outfit and makeup!