22 Mar 2012

Bend and Snap


 Surely it would have been wrong of me to see Legally Blonde in anything other then pink? I did feel slightly over dressed at the theatre, so many people in uggs! However i really believe people should dress up more for the theatre.

Things i have learnt from watching Legally Blonde...

  • If someone tells you that a party is fancy-dress, make sure you check with the host before going for full-on playboy bunny wear
  • It is impossible to do a half-loop stitch on low-viscosity rayon. The fabric would snag
  • How to do the bend and snap
  • Never change who you are. Not for Harvard, not for a man, not for anyone.
  • You should really have a laptop on your first day of law school.
  • When your ex is engaged to somebody else and you're thousands of miles from home, find a good manicurist. They will help you through.
  • Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbands.
  • Never give up. Even if your law professor is a sleaze-bag.
  • Enemies can often become friends, and people you think you're in love with can turn out to be total boneheads
For those of you that haven't watched Legally Blonde on stage i highly recommend it! It wasn't on the top of my list of shows to watch originally but I'm so glad i did because it was simply amazing. Plus our seats got upgraded when we got there, bonus!


  1. so pretty :)

    If you want visit my blog, I will appreciate :)


  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog :)

    You have a new follower :)

    I LOVE your bracelet. Where did you get it from?


    1. Thank you sweetie!

      The bracelet was a present from my boyfriend for my birthday its a chamilia bracelet =]

      Tanesha x

  3. I have recently really got back into the film Legally Blonde, so quite tempted to see the musical! I love how you did your nails, very Elle!

    Steph @ stephie-in-wonderland.blogspot.com


    1. You should see it it's so good! I enjoyed it more then the film. And thank you =] I'm not going to lie Elle was a big inspiration for the nails, pink and glitter!

      Tanesha x