28 Oct 2011

Lush henna review...

I've used lush henna a few times before and i have to say it never disappoints; its so much better then hair dye and it leaves hair feeling in great condition. Yesterday i decided to use the caca brun as i didn't want a drastic change in colour just more of a gloss treatment.

1) First i grated 2 squares of the henna into a plastic bowel added hot water and mixed.
2)I applied it directly onto dry hair, wrapped in clingfilm and placed a woolly hat on (may look odd but it helps keep the mixture warm so it works faster and stops it dripping)
3) ....waited for 2 hours....
4)spent an awful long time rinsing it out
5)and voila all done!

The colour isn't drastically different, although it is more of a rich brown now. But the best part? the condition of my hair! lets face it every time we dye our hair the condition is left an awful lot dryer but not with this lush henna. My hair has been so dry lately for excessive dying it over the years and this henna seems to be the only thing that has improved the condition :) so it more then a thumbs up from me!

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