20 Nov 2011

17 join the magnetic revolution!

A little late but as promised my review and photos of number 17's magnetic polish.

To start with the price is definitely a bonus coming in at only £5 it’s an affordable alternative to other high street attempts at magnetic nail polish. It comes in at a variety of colours green (as pictured below), purple, blue and silver. All colours work great with this seasons trends and it’s impossible to go wrong with whatever one you choose.

However on the negative side i found that the polish wasn't very chip resistant and chipped after just a few days wear; even when applying a topcoat every day. But for only £5 number 17's magnetic nail varnish is most certainly a win... I just don’t recommend it for work if you’re not a fan of chipped nail varnish (and let’s face it who is?)


  1. I love the effect, it looks pretty cool! It's a shame it chips so much though :( xxx

  2. I know, i ended up putting on 4 coats in the end and a million and one layers of topcoat! xxx

  3. I have this I love it! Really want the purple one though xx