8 Nov 2011

Lush review part 1...

As promised a review of some of my lush purchases...

Golden wonder bath bomb

not grubby water honestly its the bath bomb!

I think the pictures speak for themselves really; how lovely does this bath bomb look? my whole bath was covered in stars! it also smelt lovely but not to over whelming. I deffinatly reccomend putting this on your christmas list, there was however one downfall. My bath was left completly gold and took a fair bit of scrubbing afterwards. Still an amazing product however.

Buche de noel

This face mask claims to be good for dry winter skin something im suffering with lately... even though winter hasn't fully hit us yet. Truthfully at first i wasn't amazed by this product it left my skin looking rather matt and dull. However after using it a few times my skin does seem a lot less dry and it better condition so i will let you know how the rest of the pot goes!

I'll be back to review the rest of my purchases shortly!

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