21 May 2012

Wake me up

I'm fully aware that this foundation has been around for a while and most of you are probably bored of reading reviews about it but after trying it for the first time over a month ago i couldn't not share my opinions with you.

This foundation as the name states promises to brighten your skin giving it an 'awake' look. The first point i feel like i should mention with this foundation is unfortunately a negative, there is a limited range of colour's and the lightest is still rather dark. Lots of blending is needed to make this foundation work for pale skin! so if your skin is paler then mine you should probably rule this foundation out.

Now onto the positives, this foundation is light weight and offers a medium coverage that can be built up to a fuller coverage if needed. I think i can fairly say i have put this foundation to the test over the last few weeks, this foundation has saved my skin on many late nights writing my dissertation.

The wake me up concealer is slightly to dark for my skin but nothing some extra blending can't fix. It offers a medium to full coverage and stays put all day once set with powder. For a drugstore brand Rimmel have really exceeded all of my expectations with this range, i have used this product everyday since i first received it and I've already brought my second bottle of it (currently £4 in wilkinsons!).

For those with oily skin you may need to apply some extra powder to balance out the dewy affect of the foundation.

Hint: I find this foundation goes on great with a stippling brush

Also thank you to everyone who has sent me content for The Fashionation (www.thefashionation.co.uk) i will be uploading a lot more of your work onto the website in the next couple of days. However feel free to check out the website now and comment!


  1. £4 in Wilko? I am on this!


    1. Such a bargain! i couldn't resist picking up another bottle. Specially when i have staff discount on top of that! x

  2. Your skin looks great! I defo need to try this foundation out x


    1. Thank you! this foundation really is amazing x

  3. What lipstick are you wearing??! It's gorgeous!