19 Feb 2012

A Most Marvellous place to shop

As promised some snaps of the vintage goodies I managed to pick up, a vintage skirt, typewriter and comic books. I've been after a pleated skirt for ages but haven't managed to find the right one, this purple one is exactly what i wanted and its such a lovely length not too short at all.

The typewriter is more of a novelty then anything else, I'm not exactly sure what i plan to do with it. I just know I like the idea of owning one... and that its pretty and will look adorable sitting on my desk. Maybe I will get some use out of it however? As a writer I really couldn't resist an authentic typewriter for only £12.

Lastly I picked up a vintage x-men, iron man and superman comic for my boyfriend. His a big fan of comics (especially marvel) so I thought he would really appreciate this. Plus he needed cheering up after someone broke his car window to steal the bottle of wine he got me for valentines day *insert annoyed looking face*

The one thing i have to say about vintage shopping is be patient, it takes a bit of time to sort through everything but its worth it. Also don't judge sizes by the label, if it looks right try it on first!


  1. I love the idea of owning a typewriter too. That's an amazing find for £12. Also, marvel comics. <3 I'd quite like to collect some of those. haha

  2. vintage is the the best way to find a lovely typewriter, plus its a lot cheaper most of the time!

    Tanesha x

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