15 Jan 2012

Too fringe or not too fringe...

After spending months growing out my fringe I'm finding myself feeling some what bored of my hair and i cant help but miss my old full fringe. So my question to all of you lovely people today is, to fringe  or not to fringe?

O and yes i am procrastinating and avoiding doing my presentation, wish me luck for Tuesday because i can not see this going well!

Enjoy the rest of you weekend my lovelies. O and sorry for the short and sweet lets be honest rubbish blog posts i promise after Tuesday i will load some ootd posts to make it up to you.

Tanesha x


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  2. I really like the fringe, it looks great on you! I'm really missing mine, it's grown out a few inches too long. I'm still debating whether or not to trim it back:)




  3. I say, to fringe! Looks like it would suit you well. Nice hat too. :) xo

  4. Fringe looks great on yu, suits yu!x