24 Jan 2012

Cute blog award!

Received from the lovely http://lausloft.blogspot.com/ thank you so much! =]  
The Rules
- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Answer award questions
- Share something you haven't shared about yourself on your blog
- Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award
1. What is your ‘go to’ make up product?
 Concealer, if i can't wear anything else i can at least try and cover as many flaws as possible!
2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?
Wide leg jumpsuits and faux fur by far! and still going strong
3. What is your favourite dessert?
Chocolate covered pancakes... yum!
4. Favourite colour?
Purple? maybe... I'm not sure i even have a favourite colour!
5. What is your middle name?
Marie... bet you couldn't guess that ;]
6. What was the last song you listened to?
 Jessie J -who you are
 7.  Cats or dogs?
Dogs all the way! cats are only nice when they're kittens but then they turn evil and roam the streets (stolen answer from Laus loft i agree completely!)

The thing I'm sharing about myself is that i am completely and utterly terrified of finishing university, I'm so use to hiding behind education.What if i can't find a job? what if I'm no good at journalism? i can't even spell, how am i suppose to write for a living!

I'm awarding this award to (drum roll please)... 


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  1. Aw thanks so much! Glad to find another dog lover, everyone else seems to be crazy for cats! xx