30 Dec 2011

Fly ladybird fly...

For those that have followed my blog for a while you may remember my Halloween nail art failure, I’ll admit I’m terrible at nail art. I don’t have steady hands and I have no attention to detail. However i thought i would give it another go and attempt ladybird (ladybug?) nails. They looked so simple, even i couldn't get it wrong? A little bit messy but i will get there.

So fun and creative, I’m going to try doing some more nail art. If anybody has some easy tutorials then drop me a link in the comments below. Anything pretty and easy and I will give it a go =]

Also thinking about buying a nail art pen to make it easier, any recommendations?
Tanesha x


  1. this is sooooo cute! My sister always calls me a lady bird because I'm so small haha! I love this! xx

  2. So going to try that magnetised polish now! I wish i could wear wide leg trousers and get away with it :( xx


  3. LOVE these. Got a little ladybird tattoo on my right hand wrist, so these would match perfectly! xXx