8 Dec 2011

Battle of glitter...

For the last few weeks I've been on the hunt for the perfect glitter nail polish, and lets just say it hasn't been easy! Is it too much to ask for to find a nail polish with a reasonable amount of glitter in?

The three main ones i have tried are these beauties...

First two BarryM and number17 topcoat
The first one to be honest was awful, on average it gave no more then 3 specks of glitter per stroke. Not the full glitter coverage i was hoping for!

The second two however where far more impressive.

click to see bigger...

The BarryM special effects is exactly what i was looking for, pure glitter! Its the perfect party and Christmas polish! It leaves a thick coat of glitter per stroke for a pretty yet quick effect.

The number 17 nail varnish although not what i was after looks so pretty over the top of any colour polish. Its also a brilliant topcoat!

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