28 Dec 2011

I took the Maybelline 7 day strong challenge...

The hunt for the perfect nail varnish is most certainly not easy! There may be a huge selection of colours but how durable are most of them? I won’t lie although I love painting my nails; I don't want to do it every day. But who wants to walk around with chipped nail varnish?

I'm always on the hunt for a durable nail polish that will last so when I received a pretty little bottle of Maybelline forever strong [up to 7 days wear] I thought it might be the one.

Day One
Maybelline forever strong in couture grey and finished with Maybelline express finish in flash cosmic

The colour of this polish was lovely, I love a grey polish and this one fit the bill perfectly! The glitter topcoat finished it off perfectly.

Day two

Day two and the disappointment started... difficult to see in the above picture but it had already started to chip on the edges! Not a good sign.

Day three

I think the picture speaks for its self here... not very impressive. But I will admit to being at work on day three, and rarely does nail varnish survive work. Don’t ask me why, I work on a till? Surely nail varnish can survive the tapping of a few buttons?

My final verdict

Lovely colour, fast drying time and a nice thick consistency. However the wear of the product was disappointing.

Has anyone actually managed to make this product last up to 7 days?


  1. that is a lovely colour! Shame about the wear though! :/ x

  2. It is a shame that it does not last as long as they say. Nice color though.