13 Dec 2011

Dinner date

Blouse- primark, jeans, shoes & jacket- newlook

I'm sure I'm breaking every rule by posting twice in one day but what can i say I'm on a role! thought I'ld share a little ootd with you. I went out for dinner with my lovely boyfriend so thought i best not go in my pj's!

When i put this outfit on i initially liked it but looking at these photos my jeans make my legs look short and chubby! not impressed... on a more positive note i love my new blouse and my shoes :) wish the photo did the shoes more justice! 

P.S meet Poppy, she snuck into the photo, shes been eager to go on my blog ;]

Tanesha x


  1. Lovely outfit. Hope you had a lovely meal out with your boyfriend :) & Poppy is verrrry cute! xx

  2. Thank you! meal was lovely.

    Isn't she just, ill have to upload some pictures of her in her santa hat carrying her teddy around... beyond cute! =] x

  3. stealing the show as usual! bless her x