29 Dec 2011

Stamped and Branded

Necklace, trousers and ring curtsy of Father Christmas (aka mother dearest). Top new look and cardigan Primark. Nails painted in collection 2000 crackle effect.

Sorry about the wrinkly trousers, I suppose that’s what happens when you have been sitting around all day! Serves me right for being so lazy. The trousers are a lovely burgundy colour (my favourite colour this season). They haven't photographed very well but they look so nice in person.

My favourite part of the outfit has to be the necklace, growing up with a slightly unusual name I was always jealous of girls coming to school with their named accessories. Try finding a pen, bracelet ect with the name Tanesha on... it’s not an easy task! So when I received this little beauty in my stocking I was more than chuffed! Thank you mummy =]

I'm not sure why I look so pasty and ill, I’m feeling fine I assure you.

Tanesha x

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