12 Jun 2012

Tuesdays Newbie #2

Tuesday has come around so fast, I can't believe its time for me to introduce you to another new blogger! This weeks blogger is the very lovely Fee from Vintage Fee

Disclaimer: This post was not written by me and the images are all copyright and courtesy of Fee at VintageFee

Hello there :)
I'm Fee! A 21-year-old Scottish floral enthusiast who lives with my boyfriend in the south of England. I have lived in England for two years with my dearly beloved, and we are the proud owners of a little cakery which we run from home. 

I started blogging for the same reason most people start blogging: to chronicle my life. I am on the quest for a positive lifestyle and I feel that blogging is a great way to document this transitional stage in my life. As part of my 'quest for positivity', I encourage a positive mindset in a weekly collection of things that make me smile - Saturday Smiles. Another feature is Small Business Sunday; how I am coping as a small business owner. The stress, the achievements and any advice I can give and receive. I intersperse this with a healthy dose of lifestyle, beauty and the tiniest sprinkling of fashion.

I'm definitely new to the blogging game but I am enjoying it so much. I'm learning as I go along, I'm already improving (a week in!) and the crazy organisational side of me is loving being allowed to run free! Ultimately, I'm just here to make people smile and give them a little something to read when they have a spare five minutes. I know I'm a huge fan of reading blogs (my Blogger reader is scarily full already) and hope to give people a little bit of what I like to see in others.
Come along and enjoy the ride - if you swing by, don't forget to say hello!
Fee :)!

Please don't forget to check out Fees blog over at  http://vntgfee.blogspot.co.uk/


  1. Nice to meet you Fee :) Much love xxx


  2. Hiya Fee, omg I love food may have to pop over to you're cakery ;)x

  3. cool blog girlie! let's follow each other! x

  4. helo. nice blog :) come to my page to read about Swatch clocks :D + i join your blog :D maybe you can follow me?

  5. like your blog. wanna follow each other sweety?

  6. she sounds so lovely, i'll definitely check her out :)


  7. Thanks for your kind words, everybody! Hope to see you in the future - say hello if you pop by!