25 Jun 2014

Travelling to Istanbul | Part 2

Istanbul was full of some amazing street art (the perfect backdrop for an outfit picture) and plenty of shops to explore. My favorite's the vintage book shops, I couldn't read a word of Turkish but you can't beat the smell of an old book! 

If you ever visit Istanbul you have to try the Turkish Delight- i ate my weight in Turkish Delight. There's so many different flavors it would be rude not to try them all! 

Top five free things to do in Istanbul:

  • Visit the Grand Bazaar- with over 4,000 shops the Grand Bazaar is a great shopping destination in Istanbul. Even if you don't want to spend any money it's worth visiting the Grand Bazaar just to absorb the culture. 
  • Stroll down Taksim Square- a great place to people spot and explore.
  • Cross the Galata Bridge on foot- with hundreds of fishermen and a view of Istanbul's skyline  the Galata Bridge in the perfect place for a view. 
  • See the famous dancing dervishes- one of the most traditional cultural performances in Turkey!
  • Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar- similar to the Grand Bazaar but a lot more peaceful if the hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazaar is too much for you!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos, I;ve never contemplated visiting Istanbul before but I'll definitely add it on my travel wish list!