16 Jun 2014

A Guide to Istanbul | Part 1

Blue Mosque lit up at night

At the start of the month I was lucky enough to take a week long holiday to Istanbul with my Boyfriend- sun, travelling and lots of food is exactly what i needed. It was amazing to experience the culture of Istanbul and see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. 

I don't want to bore you guys with too many blog posts about my Holiday but expect a few more posts this week- I took so many photos it would be rude not to share a  few! 

Best places to visit in Istanbul:

  • Blue Mosque- an amazing sight at night with the lights (see above picture)
  • Hagia Sophia- It's opposite the Blue Mosque so you can't miss it and it's equally as beautiful 
  • Grand Bazaare- A great place for spices, fabric and gifts (just prepare to haggle a little on price)
  • Princes Island- We took a lovely ferry ride to the Princes Islands, it's such a stress free place. Perfect for relaxing
  • Galata Tower- The best view of the city!
I'd definitely recommend Istanbul as a place to visit. 

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  1. It looks gorgeous! I've heard so many good things about Istanbul, I'd love to visit x

    Josie’s Journal