30 Jan 2014

L'oreal Elvive Full Restore 60 Second Saviour | The Mid-Week Pamper Review

Let's be honest ladies, sometimes we forget to take the time to pamper ourselves during the week. Although weekend pampers are great sometimes it's just not enough and come mid-week we're feeling and looking a little rough again. So when i noticed this '60 Second Saviour' I was instantly intrigued, I love a good hair Masque but I don't always have the time to wait 5-10 minutes.
The texture of this hair conditioner is thick and perfect for quickly throwing on without making a mess and dripping down your face (so no conditioner dripping in your eyes... excellent!). It has a night light fruity smell without being too over whelming.

This hair mask is great for a mid-week rush but it doesn't live up to other hair masks and performs a lot better if you leave it on for a few minutes... kind of against the point. I think it performs somewhere between a normal conditioner and hair mask.

Still if you often find yourself short for time this is a great product and perfect for a lady on the go!

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  1. Out of interest, what hair masks would you recommend? I'm looking for a good one at the moment but would prefer not to splash out. Also, I actually really like the new L'oreal Elvive range. I used the anti-breakage stuff and it really works!!