16 Apr 2013

Polka dot dress

polka dot dress outfit of the day

beehive up-do

dress and brogues

Jacket: New Look,  Dress: Primark, Brogues: Dorothy Perkins

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I keep making excuses but the truth is as most of you know I started a new job over a month ago and I am so tired most of the time! It's taking a lot of getting used to having a job where I actually use my brain. 

This is another work outfit, although it’s rather smart I actually really like the dress and brogue combination. I wear heels to work a lot so it’s nice to have the occasional day wearing flats. 

Some of you following me on twitter may already know but me and my mum have opened an online shop! It’s a Jewellery shop and most of the stock is handmade be either my mum or me. If you fancy having a look then head over to foreverdreaming.co.uk

And on another happy note I passed my driving test on Friday, so this week I am busy hunting for a car! Car shopping is actually really difficult it’s nothing like shoe shopping so I have a feeling its going to take me a while. Any advice for finding the perfect car?


  1. I utterly adore this outfit! x

  2. Congratulations on your driving test!

  3. I have this dress! Its a bit long for my stature so I always wear it with a belt! Love it with the flat brogues, you hair is too cute!
    Kylie x

  4. Love that first pic, love your hair here too! Congrats on passing your test, hope you find the perfect car xxx

  5. What a gorgeous outfit I love polka dots and this dress looks great on you

    Carrieanne x


  6. I love how you paired the polka dots with the jacket, it looks smart but fun and shows personality at the same time:)


  7. Hey, Tanesha! Thanks for visit my blog!
    Yours is soooo cute! Thanks again!
    XOXO, Manuela

  8. Love the polka dot dress! So adorable! I also blogged about my obsession with polka dots here: http://shugarlove.com/2013/06/12/dotty-madness/

    So funny because I also just sold me car (and recently blogged about it). I had my car for 16 years and it's quite daunting shopping for cars. It's actually no fun at all and I am exhausted. It's overwhelming. I wish you all the best in your search!

    Carmen - Show me some love @ {shugarlove.com}