22 Oct 2014

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Review & How To Wear It | The True Matte

Mac Ruby Woo- the mattest of matte and a cult classic amongst beauty bloggers, but is it as drying as everyone fears?

I'll be honest applying Ruby Woo is like rubbing chalk on your lips, it's difficult to apply from the bullet after the first wear and best application is with a lipstick brush. And, because of it's bold colour and texture if you make a mistake there's no going back.

Despite how difficult it is to apply, Ruby Woo is one of the most beautiful red matte lipsticks i own. It's a lovely retro matte and if you love the pin up look then there's no better alternative (as far as I know).

So how do you wear the mattest lipstick on the block?
  1. Moisterise, Moisterise, Moisterise a good lip balm is key
  2. Use a lip scrub- otherwise this lipstick will cling to any dry skin and it's not a pretty look
  3. Invest in a good lip-liner to draw an accurate line around your lips (I even fill my lips in completely before hand)
  4. Don't wear if you're planning on eating a lot- Ruby Woo and burgers don't go together... trust me
  5. Enjoy your amazing matte look


  1. I haven't got Ruby Woo but I do have Riri Woo and I forgot how much hard work it is to apply, I really need to invest in a lip liner to go with it because it is worth the time it takes when you get it on!! xx


    1. Using lip liner helps so much! But you're so right it's worth the work once you get it on :)

      Tanesha x

  2. This colour looks stunning on you! Which lip liner do you use with it?

  3. Thank you, I usually use Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic lip liner in Red Diva x

  4. This is simply stunning! I really do want Ruby Woo as the colour is beautiful however my lips are prone to dryness so much despite my efforts.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Russian red is just as beautiful and no where near as drying :) x