14 Feb 2013

"You're too skinny"

O dear where have I been, I am so sorry I completely disappeared for 2 weeks I've just been beyond busy working on some super exciting things. I hope you will agree that its worth me not blogging for two weeks once I reveal the big surprise.

There is a clue at this Facebook page here: Creative Crafts that I have been helping out with. So if you are a crafter, DIY fanatic or have your own shop/blog shop go over and like it! There will hopefully be a craft fair in a few months so it will be a great chance for some of you to sell the things you make without even leaving your house!

OK so on to the actual purpose of this blog post...

Recently someone had the cheek to say to me “You’re too skinny, you need to eat more." YES they actually said this to my face. I was obviously rather offended by this, I'm not sure how the comment was intended or how I was supposed to take it but I certainly didn't take it well.

I have always been slim, I am just a naturally slim person yet people have always commented on my weight over the years. Why do people think it’s acceptable? If I commented on someone’s weight and asked them "Why are you so big, why don't you eat less?" all of you would probably agree that would be wrong. But for some reason society thinks it’s OK to comment on your weight if you are slim. 

When I was at school I vividly remember having to weigh ourselves at the front of the class, it was a science class and I think we had to work out what we would weigh in space (I can’t remember exactly but It was something along those lines). When it came to my turn I stood on the scales and the teacher just looked at me made me get off and then get back on the scales as if somehow this would change what they said. She then commented saying "O your small" as if I didn't already know that. I hit puberty late so I was short, shapeless and invisible in school. I was in a class where I had no friends as it was and here she was giving them something else to laugh at me for. Thanks for that. 

Over a year ago I went to the doctors because I had been being sick for the last few weeks, I've had problems with feeling sick for a while now but I was going through a weird patch of being sick in the night for a few weeks. I obviously went to the doctors (for the 100th time) and the doctor who wasn't my usual doctor asked me in a rude tone "you don't have an eating disorder do you?" I would like to clarify I was being sick not making myself sick and for starters this doctor won’t be receiving any awards for her sensitivity, what if I did have an eating disorder (I don't) she certainly didn't approach the issue in the right way. I left the doctors annoyed, frustrated and with morning sickness tablets; yes the ones they give to pregnant people even though I wasn't pregnant. 

I have since found out that I probably have an intolerance to a type of food and that's what makes me ill, and if the doctor I visited had actually weighed me she would have noticed that I have been the exact same weight for the last few years. 

Recently a friend told me something that actually angered me, you know in cartoons where their heads go bright red and steam comes out of their ears? Well that was me. A particular clothing store aimed towards curvier ladies won’t hire you if you are what they consider 'too slim' and can't fit into their clothes (they start at a size 14). Now part of me understands this as they want people that can advertise their clothes however as far as I’m concerned this is discrimination. Would it be OK if it was the other way round? I could be wrong but I don't think it would be. I can't imagine a shop like New Look saying to someone directly 'I'm sorry but your too fat to fit into our clothes so you can’t work here' yet this shop that I won’t name (I don't want them coming after me with pitchforks) directly said to someone I know "I'd hire you if you were bigger and could fit into our clothes." 

This really angers me, in fact to the point I have considered applying for a job just to see what they would say to me. Don't worry I reeled myself back, I'm no undercover reporter (although that would be an awesome job). 

So the purpose of this blog post is to say ‘skinny’ people and ‘fat’ people (I hate both of those terms) are the same. Neither generally likes having their weight commented on. 

Rant over


  1. I totally agree with you with this post! Up until last year (when i put on a bit of weight) I had quite a few people, including friends, say i was too skinny, or that they thought i was anorexic, just because i'm naturally quite slim. It's totally inappropriate and always made me feel really uncomfortable with my weight /: One thing about the plus-size clothes stores though, I think they prefer not to hire 'skinny' workers as they are seen as 'safe places' for plus size people where they can shop with confidence. That, or maybe they just want people who can wear their clothes well to promote the brand? I could be wrong though!

  2. Urgh I know how you feel!! Being slim is just my natural figure, people say it can't be healthy but I'm perfectly healthy, just naturally slim. I don't understand why it's ok to tell someone their digustingly thin but if they're a little bigger than average it's totally frowned up on to say anything, which I agree with, but it should also be frowned up on to tell someone they're thin, it's no one else business as to what size you are, as long as your happy and heathly!

    I've had many people comment on my legs, of which I normally ignor, these people aren't worth the time of day never mind energy to answer back.

    And as to being told your too slim to work in a certain clothing store, I remember when Next sent letters to every employee with instructions on how to look thinner when going to work, everyone went crazy! Saying how big you are shouldn't matter in the field of work, and the same applies here, but because it's too thin not too big people aren't bothered.

    Size is too much of a big deal at the moment, it really angers me. All women are beautfiul, no matter what size.

  3. I used to be quick 'chunky' and then I went through a lot of stress and I'm so thin. I don't like being this thin, but I especially hate it when people comment on it. Even though I'm back to eating loads and loads of food, aparently I can't gaint weight, most girls would be happy, but I'm not all for the bony look! I think people do not have the right to comment on how a person looks, i think as long as you're happy with how you are it shouldn't matter. People, and girls in general can be very, very judgmental! :)

    sophie-lillie.blogspot.com ♥

  4. Oh my, I feel sorry for you ):
    I always want to lose weight but I always thought about people who are 'too slim' (or rather people think they are too slim), because I had a girl in my class who was really skinny but could do nothing against it. It was just in here genes! So please never be unhappy about your body (: Sometimes you cannot do anything about it but can try to love yourself.

  5. Totally agree. I've never under stood why people can so openly comment on peoples weight if they're thin, I bet the same person wouldn't walk up to someone who was quite obviously overweight and tell them to loose weight.


  6. I dislike the double standard as well. Just be healthy and don't worry about everyone else.

  7. It's just a sad reflection on society really, that out of two things which are equally offensive, (you're too thin/you're too fat) one is apparently socially acceptable, yet the other is social taboo. I think the media definitely have a huge part to play in this type of discrimination.


  8. I think comments on anyone's weight when you don't know the situation is wrong. Obviously if they are over or underweight to the point of endangering their health then it's a medical professionals job to say so, but other than that...

  9. It's so annoying our society is. Always too 'thin' or too 'fat'. Never perfect.

  10. I whole heartedly agree! I've been in similar situations - pe at school with the girls whispering how I must e anorexic, people hating me because I eat lots but don't put weight - it is Incredably annoying to say the least!
    And there's that phrase 'real women' that people use to describe women with curves - as if skinny girls are somehow fake!
    And you're right, if someone says to you (even as a joke) "you're skinny, I hate you" and you turn it around, YOU become the bad guy!
    You've unleashed my inner rage. Oh dear. Xo

  11. Topshop's designers have often been quoted in magazines saying that they don't design their clothes to look good on girls over a size 12 as 'that's just not who they're meant for' and I have heard a LOT of rumours as to why larger ladies aren't employed in Arcadia stores very often, a topic that the company are very quiet about when questioned! So it does go both ways :-)

    I totally agree with you, no one's weight should be commented on as it's no business but theirs - if they don't ask for your 'help' and you're not they're not in your care as a medical professional then quite frankly, shut up!

  12. It doesn't matter what size you are! It's unacceptable to say that to someone! Well size DOES matter in regards to health and whatnot but physical appearance, who cares! Some people are just rude :/

    Lizzums x

  13. i love this positive message x

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    Fashion, hauls, ulzzang, tutorials, reviews <3

  14. That's the amazing post. It's so true. I can't say I am skinny, I am normal, but many people told me lately that I need to put some weight on. I feel good the way as I am. You should as well