13 Oct 2012

Happy Birthday!

My little blog was one last week and i completely forgot, so let's all wish it a belated birthday! Feel free to cut into a slice of cyber cake and enjoy the above video to celebrate!

I can't believe I've been blogging for over a year now, it really has flown by. When I think of what my blog was like when it started I'm so proud of how far its come! Lets be honest my first few blog posts were not the greatest and I'm pretty sure no one even read them!

I've spoken to some great people through my blog so thank you for following, reading, commenting and helping make my blog what it is!

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  1. Happy Bloggieith Birthday!
    I know how you feel...congrats!

  2. Happy Belated Blog Birthday!


  3. happy belated birthday to ur blog <3

  4. awww happy blog birthday!! :)

  5. Happy birthday to your blog! Congratulations on making it thus far ... I know it can be hard to be committed for a long time! Anyway, yes - give Blacktrack a go! Which eyeliners have you used and enjoyed?

  6. ...Hey .. I am your newest follower !! And excuse me while I stay awhile... Going to love it here ....and love all your fashion and inspiration ... Your an amazing Blogger. I will learn lots from you !!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by my place too at The Rusty Pearl... I feel very blessed to have you .. Have a wonderful thanksgiving