2 Apr 2012

Wanted: fashion and beauty writers!

Because a blog post wouldn't be complete without a picture

Hello my lovelies, I'm just writing a really short post here to ask for some help. As some of you may already know I am currently in my third year at Coventry University studying Journalism and English. With just over a month to go until i hand in my last piece of work i couldn't be any busier!

As part of my course I am working on a final project what I am trying to do is this:

Fashion magazines however much i love reading them don't represent women as a whole. And this is what i intend to change within my project. The main part of my project is based around attempting to include disability within fashion magazines. Statistically fashion magazines severely underepresent those with a disability. My project there for aims to feature people with disabilities in a magazine pull out.

The twist is that i wont actually be discussing disability at all within the pull out... when people with disabilities are represented the disability its self is usually the focus point. My work will include people with disabilities along side those without disabilities while the content will remain focused on fashion and beauty.

So this is where i need your help. As well as needing people with disabilities to feature in the pull out (remember i will not be discussing the disability) i will just need you to help with the usual content (explained below).  I'm also looking for people of all shapes, sizes, ages, races ect so help me produce content for the pull out and I'm also going to feature this in a website that i am busy creating. I need people to write product reviews, features, interview pieces and anything else that  you feel is interesting and people will like to read.

This will be featured in my magazine pull out and website, for those that want to go into wring this is a good opportunity to increase your portfolio and practise writing for purpose. And for those not wanting to go into writing for magazines it can simply be fun and give your blog some more traffic. And writers can include a link to their blog if they wish.

So to cut it short what i need is: writers! lots of writers to help me produce content. If you are interested then reply below of email me at tanesha.stafford@yahoo.co.uk

I want this project to represent women and people as a whole (so men if you want to take part feel free). We are all individual and unique this project aims to celebrate that!

I hope this makes sense... I'm tired and typing at the speed of light here!


  1. I love the idea and would like to get involved :)


  2. Sounds like a good idea (: I'd quite like to get involved,
    Tess xoxo

  3. really interesting concept, I have just emailed you!


  4. I'm quite interested in taking part! Will be sending you an email to offer what I've got :)

  5. Sounds great, I've sent you an email.

  6. Love your blog, I'm a new follower on bloglovin'. I'll also pop you an email to see if you'd like my input :) xx


  7. Good luck on your project. The project sounds interesting. Keep us updated.

    New follower from the blog hop. Hope you visit my blog when you get the chance

  8. I'm a new blogger and would love to be involved. I'm just coming to the end of my first year at Uni. My blog is: http://mammyjane.blogspot.co.uk

    I have worked as a secretary and freelanced for a few years. Am happy to donate writing time though.

    Thanks, Jane